Oct 30

5 Easy Tips for Cutting Costs on Web Hosting

cutting web hosting costsCreating, launching and maintaining a website is a huge work. But as everyone thinks, it need not bring in a lot of expense. Here are easy tips with which you can cut your web host costs.

1. Buy Longer Durations of Time

This is the simplest way of cutting web hosting costs by 50% or even more. Henceforth, whenever you will renew your subscription, buy longer durations of time. Most subscription-based companies offer deep discounts on longer terms.

2. Use Many Tasks through One Host Instead of Multiple

This is another easy way to save, but needs a little homework. Before you choose your web host, shop around a bit and find out which of the hosting services offer all-in-one deals, i.e. hosting, emailing and other services together. Many services offer several custom email ids and other tools as package deals, such as content creation tools, security services, and SEO. This will allow you to streamline everything and save big bucks.

3. WordPress – Your Money-saver

There is a common misconception among people that website building is a time-consuming and costly affair. However, this is not true, because of a great money-saver called WordPress. This is a free program which you can install with just a click and has a Namecheap hosting program. You can build your website within minutes, and maintain it with extreme ease.

4. Purchase as Much Bandwidth and Storage as You Can

Though it may appear to save cost by getting a small space to create a website, it proves to be a bad idea in the long run. Not only will it cost you a lot in near future while expanding it (and if required, moving to a new server), but also it will offer you a smaller bandwidth, instantly limiting the number of visitors to the site. Buying more space will look costly on the face of it, but will benefit you in the future by eliminating the need of adding extra space at extra cost.

5. Get Rewards to Bring in New Customers

Creating a website and running it is easy. However, earning profits from it is extremely difficult. The policies of every web hosting service are unique, but in general, most of them offer programs through which they reward their current users for inviting new customers, normally in the form of payment adjustment in the next bill cycle.

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