May 10

Benefits of a Web Host Located in the Same Area of Your Business

importance of local web hostThis is the time for digitization when you can manage your website locally with its server hosted in an exactly opposite corner of the planet. You can choose an Australian web hosting service for your website while you are based in the UK. However, if you can obviously see many benefits of choosing a web host located in the area where you are serving, why should you choose a web host in some other place? What are these benefits? Let’s see.

Cost and Technical Support

It is true that some web hosting companies located in some particular countries, like India, China, etc offer low cost. This is because they can get their operations done at low costs in their countries the benefit of which they can pass to their customers.

However, there is another factor called customer support which can make difference in where your web host is located. No doubt, the customer support you can get from a low-costing remote web host is excellent and high quality because their technicians too are well-trained, but what about the time zone? And even language? In order to be sure that you get 24/7 customer support and that too in a language which you can understand well, a local web host is always better. E.g. if your business is based in a country like Brazil or Germany, and your web host is in an English-speaking country, you may not get the customer support as efficiently as you wish to, though the technicians at the other end are highly qualified and helpful.

Search Engine Ranking Depending on Locations

Google’s tendency is to present search results of companies located in the searcher’s area. E.g. if a person in Australia is searching for wedding caterers, Google will prefer to present him wedding caterers in Australia and not in the UK. So, if your web host is located in the same area as that of your business, your site’s name will be on the initial pages of Google’s searches when users in your area will be searching for the services that you are providing. So, you will get more traffic, that too a targeted one.

Fast Uploading

A slowly uploading website is neither liked by the user nor by Google. User is irritated by the slow speed, closes the site and moves to the next one. On the other hand Google too punishes slowly uploading sites by banning them after a certain time. Here too a locally located web host plays an important role. If the host is located far from the user, the website often takes time to upload and you are punished in terms of loss of visitors and getting banned by Google.
Thus you can see that it is important to choose a web host located in the same area where your targeted audience is located. Though due to highly developed technology, you can have web host in any part of the world and still can manage your website easily, having a locally located web host has lots of benefits. So, while choosing your web host, its location is an important thing to consider.