Mar 07

Great Tips for Choosing the Most Appropriate VPS Hosting

vps hosting tipsVPS hosting can be simply defined as a server within a larger server. Every website is hosted on one virtual private server (VPS) with more powerful hardware. In VPS, a machine is separated into many virtual parts and server software is set on each of them individually because of which each unit can function independently. Professionals at, a VPS Hong Kong hosting provider, share tips on what to look for while choosing the right VPS hosting for you.

Linux Vs Windows

You have to start with determining which VPS environment you would like to run – Linux or Windows. If your website is operating on ASP, irrespective of comfort levels and needs, you will have to make use of Windows environment. Linux is different than Windows but has its own benefits.

Managed or Unmanaged

If you have been using shared hosting, you shouldn’t have needed ever to manage the server because you don’t get access to the server in the first place. However, in VPS hosting you are handed over a virtual server. Obviously you will need to appoint someone to manage it, monitor its performance and look after it. VPS providers offer management services too. There are unmanaged VPS services too, in which you will have manage the server yourself.

If you choose a managed service, remember that the level of management may vary from provider to provider. So, you should compare providers from the criterion of extent of management. If you know everything like repairing, restarting and rebooting of server, you can choose unmanaged VPS hosting.

Scalability and Redundancy

Scalability refers to the ability of dealing with abruptly increased loads, while redundancy indicates having a backup, particularly at the data center. In case of failure of power supply, there should be UPS systems and generators. If the ISP services are interrupted due to some reasons, they should have alternate arrangements. Together these two bring about higher uptime and continuous performance. offers Hong Kong VPS Packages beneficial to Chinese and other users which provide direct peering to China within 10 ms to Shenzhen and 30 to 40 ms to almost all the locations including Beijing and Shanghai. Chinese users will also experience speed and pings just like they experience it on the mainland China. With, you get the benefits of being in the mainland without having to actually be there. They also offer international bandwidth for no extra charge. is thus the best VPS hosting in Hong Kong. Choose such a VPS hosting for your website and see your website growing by leaps and bounds.