Apr 09

Making Money in Web Hosting Industry

web hosting companiesInternet is present in almost every sector of marketing and economy and websites and social media have become important sources of communication between a large number of clients on a whole. Websites are good way of sharing all sorts of information and that has made web hosting industry to be very sought after. Web hosting is a necessity and people are interested in making money in this industry as the part or the main source of income.

One of the ways to make money is through reseller hosting services. How it’s done? You acquire a web host package and resell it at profitable, higher rate. If you include a good amount to the reselling price, there is a chance to make a good amount of money. At the beginning, this might appear a little bit difficult, but if you have a good amount of space and bandwidth, you can do it. It can be compared to renting your bandwidth and space to other people and profiting through rental fees. Buying a reseller hosting is usually not so expensive and there is a chance to obtain it easily at a minimum cost of about $30 per month, but check out these reselling hosting deals with GreenGeeks or Hostgator (with Hostgator coupon code it might be even cheaper). So, you need to invest a small amount, but as soon as you do it, you have a chance to make a profit. The web hosting packages you will resell to your clients are usually hosted on the shared hosting server, because dedicated servers are more expensive and most clients don’t need them. Not to mention that people usually don’t know the basic differences between dedicated and shared servers.

You should monitor and control the website content on your servers. Carefully control if there is any illegal published material on websites. Loyal clients and regular monitoring are enough to make money. But, how to attract more loyal clients? You have to build a strong network, because web hosting industry is quite developed and competitive. You should target on some unpopulated areas, those which are not so occupied by webmasters. Look for those areas online on discussion forums and similar places. Once you find your area, market your service through printed adds, related forums, blogging etc.