Jun 24

The Advantages of VPS Hosting

vps hostingIf you’re interested in choosing the right web hosting account type to host your website online, a Virtual Private Server might be just the solution you are looking for. By mimicking a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment, a Virtual Private Server, abbreviated VPS, technically presents both dedicated and shared hosting. These three hosting account types all give you a web server to run on your website, but their setup, features and the level of customization are the things that make them different. This time, I’ll talk about the advantages of picking a Virtual Private Server.

Since with VPS you are sharing your OS with nobody else, no other websites on your server would be able to access your files. Obviously, privacy is one of the benefits associated with a Virtual Private Server.

When it comes to customization, VPS is an incredible choice! If you choose this type of server, you’ll have your own OS and your own instances of all applications such as MySQL, PHP, Apache etc. So, in case you have to customize any of these services, you’ll be able to make necessary changes to meet your own needs.

Technically, VPS means you are sharing server with other VPS servers. Still, you have the power and control to restart your VPS server anytime you (well, your server applications) need it and it won’t affect anyone else.

On a Virtual Private Server there is a dedicated amount of RAM available to you all the time. So, comparing to shared hosting, VPS is better since there’s no one else on a server that could utilize all the RAM just when you need it badly.

In general, a Virtual Private Server gives you control and power like a dedicated server, while at the same time offering you the affordability of a shared hosting. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Whatever you choose, don’t forget that you can pay for hosting with bitcoin!