Jun 13

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

benefits of cloud computingIn simple words, cloud computing can be defined as internet-based computing. While earlier, we had to run programs or applications from software downloaded on a server or a physical computer, cloud computing enables us to access those programs and applications through the internet. You are unknowingly using cloud computing when you update your Facebook status, check balance in your bank account on phone, send emails while on the go or even using a range of apps to ease out your workload. Today most businesses have turned to cloud for some distinct benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Cloud is Flexible
If there are chances that your business would need a growing or changing bandwidth, cloud is the based tool for you. You can expand your cloud capacity if your requirements increase, utilizing the remote servers. Similarly you can cut down the cloud capacity again if required. This type of agility can be of tremendous help to businesses.

2. Software Updates without Your Supervision

What is the best thing about cloud computing that it is out of your sight! That means it does all the good work for you, without having to be managed by you. The service providers take care of the servers and roll out software updates regularly (which of course include security updates); so, you need not look into any of the matters and need not keep your business aside.

3. Economical and Effective Backup Solution

When it comes to investing in backup solutions, all businesses should do that; but small businesses lack the required cash and knowledge. However, due to cloud computing, more and more small businesses are being able to get backup solutions without having to spend hands and legs.

4. No High Cost of Hardware

Cloud computing is economical from the point of view of hardware maintenance too. You just have to pay and take benefit of a subscription-based system that is easy on your pocket. The ease of installation and management further make your hairy-scary IT project look far friendlier.

5. Excellent Document Control

When a great number of partners and employees are working on documents, you need a great control over them. Before the arrival of cloud, concerned people needed to send files to each other as email attachments and then they could work upon the files, but one at a time. In due course, a mess of clashing file content, titles and formats used to take place. With the growth of small companies into global ones, the chances of a mess increase even more. When you switch to cloud computing, it allows all the files to be positioned centrally from where everyone can see the correct versions simultaneously. Because of the improved visibility, there is an improvement in collaboration resulting eventually into improved work.

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