Mar 05

Which Blog Host Should You Choose?

types of blog hostingHaving a blog on the web is a profitable business today, provided you have got a good blog hosting service. There are numerous types of blog hosts available online. However, it is important to understand the difference between them in order to choose the one who complies with your particular needs. For example, for WordPress web hosting, you will need a specific type of blog host who will take you towards success. Let’s see what these different types of blog hosting services are.

Free Blog Host

Free blog host allows you space to publish your blog on the web for free. Websites like and offer both the online space and blogging application required to create and publish a blog at no cost. Free blog hosts have some limitations in terms of the space your blog will take up online, the amount of advertisements you will place on your blog for earning money from it and the flexibility you will get for customizing your blog. Free blog hosting is an excellent choice for beginner bloggers who simply want to test their prospects and chances of success in blogging.

Shared Blog Hosting

Among paid blog hosting services, shared blog hosting is the least expensive option. A number of clients share a server with their own blogs through a shared blog host. The server is dedicated to store their blogs and make them available on the web. The major advantage of a shared blog host is its cost-effectiveness. But there is also a major disadvantage that response rate goes on decreasing as more and more websites and blogs are assigned to your server or as your blog grows and demand higher performance. Moreover there are also limitations in terms of space allotted to each blog, transfer speed, etc. However if you have a simple blog or small business, you can do well with a shared blog host.

Reseller Blog Host

Sometimes people purchase server space from a blog host and then resell it to other customers, acting as reseller hosts. It is essential here to investigate if there is any benefit of taking the services of a reseller host.

Virtual Server Blog Host

VPS or virtual private server is an expensive web hosting option. Your blog is hosted on the same server as that of other blogs, but you are allocated a particular space. Unlike a shared hosting service, your website’s resources don’t depend on any other sites on that virtual server. If some other blog or site is hogging resources, your blog’s performance won’t be affected. These are the advantages of VPS over shared blog hosting.

Dedicated Server Blog Host

After starting with a shared blog hosting, if your blog gets success in terms of popularity and largeness with a lot of content, photos, videos, etc, you should consider shifting to a dedicated server host. Through a dedicated server, you basically rent your own server from the provider company to store your blog and make it reachable to visitors. Naturally with your own server, the price rises, but you will get an increased space, transfer space, and other benefits. Characteristically only very popular and large blogs and websites need a dedicated server blog host.

Managed WordPress Blog Host

Managed WordPress blog hosts host blogs and websites built only with These hosts normally offer more services that WordPress bloggers might require and which a traditional shared host wouldn’t offer. So, the price is higher. E.g. many managed WordPress hosts deal with all upgrade and security issues, provide support during a problem with site’s performance, offer WordPress backup services and more benefits. On the other hand, many of them don’t offer some features which blog-owners who had used shared hosting earlier might expect like email hosting and cPanel.