Category: Data Management

Aug 04

Richcopy – The Only Solution to Copy a Huge Number of Files Across a Network

An advanced copy files utility program, named RichCopy, has been proven to be a boon to many businesses and organizations. One can realize the real benefits of this program especially if they need to use it frequently. This program offers unlimited transfer of files with the help of superior copying techniques the benefits of which …

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May 22

Top 3 Benefits of an Efficient Cloud Integration Platform

More and more applications, systems and processes move everyday to the cloud and for good reasons. The cloud has eliminated the requirement of additional infrastructure while providing quick scalability and highest flexibility.

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May 03

5 Useful Tips for Protecting Yourself from Malware Attacks

Whether you are a software consultant or a regular person operating the internet just for shopping and watching films, you are always vulnerable to ransomware attacks. You may wonder why anyone would like to hack your computer; however, you can’t say someone may be interested in stealing your private information for any purpose and so, …

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Apr 04

Top 6 Cyber Security Tips

Having no protection against ransomware is same as walking on a road full of traffic wearing a blindfold. Malware can cause several types of damage to your business, including stealing your private and sensitive information, ability for malicious persons to deeply understand your business and using your weaknesses against you to earn profit and cause …

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Mar 16

Who Needs a Data Protection Officer?

In about 16 months, the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to be enforced with the aim to harmonize the current data protection laws all across the European Union. If you would like to avoid massive fines the regulators will be able to impose, it would be wise to hire a data protection …

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Jan 23

Tremendous Benefits of Knowledge Base

Expert business owners are aware of the fact that outstanding customer service can make them stand out from their competitors. However, offering such an excellent customer service is not as easy as it seems. Is there any way to achieve that? Yes, there is – by building an online knowledge base!

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Aug 31

5 Exclusive Benefits of Cloud-based CRM

CRM or Customer (or Client) Relationship Management is a basic element of the success of a business and can be very important to manage a sales funnel and customer/client relations. CRM system is known for helping business associates track sales of a project, provide a secure place to store relevant files and notes and be …

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Jan 25

Unlimited Cloud Storage – A Compromise on Reality

Many cloud storage providers try to promise unlimited cloud storage to their customers so that you can get a boundless space for storing your documents on the cloud. But history has shown that these promises are broken and the reality often comes in the way. The providers promise you unlimited space on their servers so …

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May 29

The Biggest Mistakes About Employee Training

You are thinking about the implementation of employee training in your company? You are considering different possibilities and options, wondering whether it will be effective or not? Stop thinking about it. Do it. And do it right now. There is nothing more important than a good employee. They are, as some like to say, the …

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Jul 04

Tremendous Benefits of Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange is an extremely beneficial email solution for small and large businesses. By choosing hosted exchange, you can take a sigh of relief, because you make your email system secure and functional always. What are the benefits of hosted exchange? Let’s see.

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