Category: Data Management

Sep 22

File Hosting Vs Cloud Computing

In the era of digital file sharing as a norm in businesses along with individuals, one can easily get swept away with words like “file hosting” and “cloud computing”. These catchphrases often make people quite excited about things they really are not fully aware of. Many people believe that cloud services and file hosting are …

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Jun 23

Tremendous Growth in Datacenter Services in Mexico and Other Latin American Nations

Latin America is about to see a double-digit growth over the next four years in the field of datacenter services in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and its other countries as businesses in these countries are seeing a profit in outsourcing services of IT infrastructure. According to the latest report by Frost & Sullivan of 16th April, …

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Mar 02

Benefits of Using Data Management Software

Every business is different in different ways, but one most common factor which will have in common is they will require to maintain date for some or the other reason. This could be maintaining customer/client information or if you want to record details on stock that your business includes. You can also keep tab on …

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Dec 26

Five Plus – Review

Small business companies generate over a half of U.S. GDP, and employ more than two-thirds of U.S. citizens. Having all these facts in mind, it is clear that small business companies are the backbone of the economy and that it is very important to make them stronger. Larger companies usually have useful tools helping them …

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Oct 29

Colo New York – Small, But Useful Factors!

While doing a business in New York or Dallas, you may need a good colo provider. And there are some points to consider while looking for a good one. Amongst the basic criteria are the super-fast speed of internet, redundant power supply, 24/7 customer support and all-inclusive price. But there are still some more factors …

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