Category: Internet Marketing

Aug 27

Top 5 Tips to Create a Powerful Online Marketing Video

Once again in the marketing industry, importance of online videos is increasing and more and more marketing professionals, content creators and journalists are turning towards these effective marketing tools. Actually, online videos had never been underestimated; just, other trends boomed up and faded away, whereas online videos maintained their place. Abdo Senni, an online marketer, …

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Aug 19

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies that You should Apply in China

China is fast progressing on the digital fronts. Digital marketing strategies applied for Chinese markets should be carefully planned and chosen because trends here are constantly changing and dynamic. If you are aspiring to succeed in the Chinese markets from inside China or from overseas, you should learn these top 5 digital marketing strategies in …

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Jul 18

Why Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Many business-owners are under the impression that their marketing can be easily done by one of their employees when given an additional responsibility and adding a certain amount to their salary. This was perhaps true before ten years when the idea of digital marketing didn’t exist. Times have changed now however, and businesses are now …

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Jul 09

6 Incredible Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare Marketing Agency

The increasing importance of online presence is not avoidable even for healthcare businesses. Whether you are an independent medical practitioner or are running a big hospital or diagnostic center, digital marketing helps you reach more number of people than ever before, whom you can give the benefit of your products or services. As you can’t …

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Jul 05

6 Great Tips for an Effective PPC Management

Maybe you have newly realized the importance of running PPC campaigns for your business or you had thought of it long before but didn’t know where and how to start, it’s definite that it’s going to help you. You just have to pay attention to certain factors. PPC campaign is a marketing tool that can …

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Jun 25

Hiring an SEO Consultant – What to Expect

Any business owner who relies on Web traffic for marketing and/or sales need to hire an SEO consultant or to master SEO themselves. As someone interested in the Internet marketing business, I think that learning and developing SEO set of skills is so entertaining and fun to do. Nevertheless, I can see why most business …

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Jun 14

An Interesting Comparison between Print Vs Digital Designs

Print and web designs are like two sides of the same coin. They have a lot in common, but they also have some interesting differences. Experts at, a leading company offering various services of printing in Leicester, share with us some amusing facts about the differences between these two fields.

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Jun 11

Starting a New Fundraising Project? You can Get an Exciting Response!

Are you planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for your product or service? Well, thousands of aspiring business owners turn to the online fundraising portal everyday to raise the necessary capital for their new ventures. However, raising funds for businesses is not as easy as you may think with just setting up a page and …

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May 22

How can Facebook Live be Best Used for Marketing?

Facebook has introduced a new feature named Facebook Live and it’s going to be super hit! Through this feature, you can watch streaming of videos going on any place you want to see. I am sure it has roused tremendous interest in you; but hold on! If you immediately open your Facebook page to see …

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May 14

Current Content Marketing Trends

A few years ago, content marketing and SEO were completely separate concepts in online marketing industry.  It seems they have become one and the same. The reason is, of course, Google ranking based on the quality of experience visitors have with website content. So, forget about aggressive SEO, link building and overnight marketing strategies. Instead, …

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