Category: Search Engine Optimization

Mar 15

Backlink Building For 2020: Guest Posting

Backlinks are made when an external site links to your own website. This is the reason why some people call them external backlinks or inbound links. If your backlinks are effective, you won’t need so many in achieving what you want. Fundamentally, this will save you time & money. In this post, we are going …

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Apr 28

3 Main Problems in Online Marketing and Their Solutions

If you are new to online marketing and wondering what it is, just consider that it’s any tactic that promotes your company on the internet. It may be search engine optimisation or SEO, social media marketing or SMM, search engine marketing or SEM and even the old favourite EDM (electronic direct mail) marketing.

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Sep 04

Are my search strategies the only thing I need to consider for my website to succeed? Think again!

The architecture of your website will have such an impact as well, you will NOT even believe how much! I mean just think about it, if you have implemented the best search strategies and you have managed to stay on top of all search engines, when potential customers visit your website, do you really think …

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Aug 13

5 Important Qualities to Look for in a Professional Content Writer

It’s extremely important whom you choose to write the content on your website. The content writer will be the voice of your site and your business in the form of the content. Although your content writer may remain anonymous, your company will be identified by whatever they produce. This is the reason why you should …

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Jun 22

6 Excellent Guest Posting Tips

Guest posting is a wonderful tool for SEO and boosting traffic that is used for promotion by blog owners and website owners for increasing the visibility of their websites online. If you are a blogger and want to post your blog on a particular website, here are a few useful tips for you to get …

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Jun 08

Top Tips to Start Your SEO Campaign Afresh

On the contrary to what most people think, SEO rules are ever changing. Therefore if you have applied a killing strategy before many years and are under the impression that it’s still working efficiently, you may be making a grave mistake. Google keeps updating its algorithm. Also, consumer trends keep changing with generations and technologies …

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Jun 06

Important Things You Should Know about SEO Audit

If you are running a website for your business, by now you might have become familiar with the term SEO. But have you heard of SEO audit? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to learn about it because sooner or later, your website will need it. What is SEO audit and why is it so …

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May 11

Tips on Explaining SEO to Clients

If you’re into SEO or you’ve just began with offering your services, you might be confused when talking to clients who simply don’t know a thing about SEO. Well, you are the one to convince them it’s good for their business to hire you, right? But, how can you do that? What and how to …

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May 06

How can You Increase Traffic to Your Website with SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization has gained a huge priority among marketers over the last some years. The reasons are obvious – higher search engine positions lead to more traffic, more leads, and higher conversions and sales. But it’s interesting to see how it works and how adding keywords to different elements of your site …

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Apr 03

Top 4 SEO Tips to Dominate Your Local Search Results

You are a small business owner and you know that you want your local customers. You may wonder if it is possible for you to do this through the internet. The good news is you can. For example, if you are located in Philadelphia, you can get customers in Philadelphia to your website and eventually …

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