Category: Search Engine Optimization

Mar 07

5 Definite SEO Tips that can Never Go Wrong

Hi friends, here we are again with some of the latest SEO tips. As SEO is dynamic and with something new every day, every website owner should keep in touch with the latest developments in this field. While your SEO consultant is working on SEO of your site, you too should know about various search …

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Feb 23

8 More SEO Tips to Optimise Your Site Even More

So far, we have shared a number of SEO tips with you. You might have even memorized most of them by now. However, SEO is a thing of continuous learning and every time you find something new when you read about it. Therefore, here we have brought some more SEO tips that would add to …

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Feb 01

Top 4 Tips on How to Improve SEO on WordPress Sites

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use and therefore popular website-creating and content management platforms. For creating a website with WordPress, you need not have deep knowledge of web designing or other technical things, and so, people love to create WordPress sites and manage them. However, merely creating a …

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Jan 10

Top 5 Latest SEO Tips

Till date, I have shared a lot of SEO tips with you. You may say what new I am going to tell you. But believe me, the field of SEO is ever changing and dynamic; so, you need not be surprised when I come with something new. Even today I have brought these new SEO …

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Nov 30

SEO Tips that Have the Least Chance to Change

It’s good and equally bad that SEO field is dynamic. It’s good because there is always a scope for ‘work’ for SEO experts and bad because the moment you lose your alertness about the changes, your website faces a risk of going down in rankings or in the worst case, even being banned. It’s good …

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Nov 15

Top 5 Simple Yet Effective SEO Tips

Aren’t you getting an expected amount of traffic to your business website? If it’s so, most probably your site lacks search engine optimization. You might have heard of the importance of SEO by now, but might have thought to do it yourself and have just abandoned the efforts because of lack of knowledge of the …

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Oct 31

Reasons to Have Animated Explainer Video on Your Website

If you want your website to be nicely ranked by Google and other search engines, you need to attract visitors to your site and, in addition, you need to inspire them to stay there. Time online visitors stay on websites is very important in Google’s algorithm for rankings, therefore online videos have seen explosive growth …

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Oct 20

Understanding On-page and Off-page SEO

If you don’t know it so far, let me tell you that you can do search engine optimization in two ways, viz. on-page and off-page. While for the success of your SEO campaign both these are important, they are completely different from each other when the improvement in your search engine rankings is concerned. Let’s …

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Oct 11

SEO Trends for PrestaShop Sites This 2016

Search engines, particularly Google, have been known to periodically change and improve their search algorithm. Truth be told, online searchers are constantly looking for an easier way to get the information that they want. That’s probably why Google will never stop improving their search engine — it’s their core business anyway!

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Oct 08

6 More Top SEO Tips

Continued from the last article “Top 6 SEO Tips”, here we give 6 more SEO tips for the optimization of your entire site, rather than optimizing only a page.

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