Category: Search Engine Optimization

Aug 02

10 Useful Magento SEO Tips

Whether you have newly started a Magento store or are already working with this great ecommerce tool, SEO plays an extremely important role in bringing up the count of traffic, search engine ranking and ultimately, sales. The SEO tips applied generally often work for your Magento extensions too, and there are also some Magento-specific rules …

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Jul 03

Useful Tips for Building SEO-Friendly Website

Although it is possible to optimize an already existing website effectively, it’s even more efficient to create the required SEO components into the architecture and design of the site right from the beginning. Whether you hire a designer, or use a pre-built template, or create your website from scratch, it is useful to know the …

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Jun 27

How to Choose the Right SEO Service Package for Your Website

It is now a well established fact that you need a good SEO company if you want your online business to grow. But if you are confused about which method to use, or you need all marketing techniques in order to impress search engines, then you should choose one of the many SEO service packages, …

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Mar 15

Importance of Domain Names in SEO

When you start a new website, the most important job you have to do is to choose a perfect domain name. Believe it or not, the domain name has a large role in your website’s success in almost all areas, including SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing). Therefore, you have to do …

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Mar 12

Interesting Connection Between Hosting and SEO

If you have many questions about the SEO of your website, perhaps one of them is does web hosting have any influence on SEO. The answer is “yes”.  The company which hosts your website has an effect on the rank your website will achieve in the search engines. A right web hosting provider may not …

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