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Feb 18

Picking the Right Domain Name

So, you’re ready to create a website for an already existing company or to start a brand new online business, but you don’t know where to start. This time, I’ll focus on finding the right domain name for your website; it’s one of the first decisions you’ll have to make but one of those that …

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Apr 18

How to Create Perfect Photography Website

It can be quite a tricky task to showcase a photography based portfolio on a website. Well, it greatly differs from a business website, indeed. When you have a normal website, there’s commonly a consistent structure including a header, sometimes a sidebar, a footer and a navigation menu. Nevertheless, when showcasing images, you don’t need …

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Jun 25

Easy Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

According to many Internet marketing experts, social media marketing can lead to more repeat business, more loyal customers, more brand recognition… To cut the story short, if managed properly, social media marketing can help your business achieve set goals! Nevertheless, the success is not automatic nor instant, it requires a great deal of time, effort …

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Nov 19

Paid Blogging – Starting a New Blog

If you are good at writing and you enjoy it, you might consider becoming a paid blogger. Usually, it allows you to make your own working hours, work from home and, the most important, get paid for doing what you like. Of course, there are full-time paid bloggers employed in small and large companies world …

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May 07

Social Media and Email Marketing Integration Types

Think about how you use social networking websites. When using Facebook, do you click “like” randomly and do you want some company’s info on your news feed if you are not a potential client or customer? Of course, not. This is how the majority of social media users think. So, in order to develop your …

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Apr 09

Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Everybody is on social media or at least they gain increasing popularity. It is easier than ever to reach out your potential clients and to offer and promote your products or services. For internet marketing experts, increasing clients and customers via social media is a piece of cake, for business owners it’s not. However, there …

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Dec 10

Online Marketing Courses

When we think about educational courses, we imagine physical classroom and students listening to their teachers. Well, nowadays, online courses have become very popular and many people prefer them to traditional courses. Still you have to complete various projects, take exams and to read handouts, however, you can do your work anytime you want. If …

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Sep 14

How to Zip a Folder

"Zip the folder"

To understand how to zip a folder is vital if you have folders consisting of lots of files of various types, comprising of text, graphics, and so on. They occupy a huge room on your computer. If you don’t categorize the huge folders aptly, there is a threat that the space on your computer get …

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