Category: Web Development

Aug 06

4 Practical Tips to Create a Successful Website

So, you have come to a conclusion that you need a website. And now you are in a dilemma how to do that. But while searching through the Web, you might have come across many tools that can help you create a website. So, why not take their help? All in all, getting a website …

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Sep 04

Are my search strategies the only thing I need to consider for my website to succeed? Think again!

The architecture of your website will have such an impact as well, you will NOT even believe how much! I mean just think about it, if you have implemented the best search strategies and you have managed to stay on top of all search engines, when potential customers visit your website, do you really think …

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Jul 04

Ways to Improve Blog Content to Attract More Targeted Traffic

An engaging blog is a valuable tool for building a brand. Nevertheless, if you don’t take actions to optimize its traffic and conversions, it’s almost impossible to attract targeted audience as you envisioned it. Having a high quality blog content is, therefore, crucial step for improving your blog and gaining the audience of your dreams. …

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Sep 06

Building Your Own Website – Advantages and Disadvantages

Owning a small business nowadays requires an online presence. Your customers and clients need to find you and, with a website you establish your credibility and brand. However, if you aren’t a programmer, you probably don’t know much about building and developing a website. So, you have 2 options: either to look for some how …

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Jul 27

Challenges for a Mobile App Development Company and Their Solutions

Mobile application development has become a field of great innovation. Owing to this, literally millions of apps packed with features have been created and they are being of a lot of use. However, developers of mobile apps have to face many challenges in order to develop apps that are indeed valuable. When entrepreneurs assign the …

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Jun 14

A High Urge of Digital Skills Improvement Felt by the UK

I was quite taken aback with the recent news that the UK is facing a digital skill crisis because it has been estimated that around 12.6 million adults don’t have basic digital skills and 5.8 have never come in contact with the internet. This is the report by the Common Science and Technology Committee. In …

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May 13

The Advantages of Responsive Website Design

Having a website is a must for any business nowadays and I’m 100% sure that we would all agree on that. However, with the rise of tablet and smartphone usage over the last decade, it’s of high importance to have a site that displays nicely on any medium. Responsive web design is a single web …

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Apr 14

Get Great-looking Websites for Free

Technology keeps surprising me with its advancements every day. I got such a pleasant surprise recently. You can understand if you know what a headache website development and management is. You have to always be in touch with your admin; small and big hardships keep coming. Plus there are costs of hosting to add to …

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Mar 02

Growing Use of Internet in India

Though India still falls in the category of “developing” nation by the rest of the world, the people here are fast progressing towards an amenity, more than even the Western countries – it’s the internet! The usage of internet is so widespread in India that soon the country is going to have the highest number …

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Feb 23

Be a Proud Owner of a Business Website with Proper Website Design and Management

When you create a website for your business, your duty doesn’t end there. You need to regularly update your site and manage it properly. And just like you don’t have to be a web designer yourself for creating a website and can hire a designer for that, you need not keep updating and managing your …

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