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Oct 19

Tips and Tricks on Picking the Best Game Server Hosting Provider

Playing video games online gives great pleasure, doesn’t it? However, in order to really enjoy your gaming time, it is crucial to find the right game server hosting provider. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as many people assume.

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Apr 07

7+ Fantastic Tips to Find a Perfect Domain Name

When you plan to have a website, you first think on what its name should be and obviously you want a killer domain name. More than 10,000 domains are registered every day and good domain names are becoming increasingly rare. Consider yourself fortunate for living in an age where mainstream internet is still in its …

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Mar 07

Choosing a Web Hosting Service – What to Look For

One of the most basic things you should consider while planning to have your own website is to find a web host. A host hosts your website and only then you can make your website available on the internet. A web host arranges a space for you where your website files are stored and manages …

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Jan 22

Colour Hosting – A Range of High Quality Services at Low Prices

When you want to have a website, whether for your business or just an information-based website, it’s very important to have proper domain, hosting and SSL certificate, in order to avoid further setbacks. In this context, today we want to introduce to you a versatile project named Colour Hosting which is a one-stop solution for …

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Sep 28

FreeHosting – High Quality Hosting for Free

Your website is about to be completed and you are ready to launch it soon; your next concern is finding a proper web host and here you are feeling a bit held back with thoughts like how much the cost would be, whether the hosting provider would provide a quality service, etc. Now… can you …

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Sep 27

Managed Web Hosting – Run Your Website Easily Without Technical Skills

To get your website properly running, choosing a good host is extremely important. Web hosts can be of various types and if you want your website to run with no hindrance and with a great uptime, you should choose a dedicated server or VPS hosting. But what if you want this type of hosting but …

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Sep 10

4 Extra Features You should Look for while Choosing Your Web Host

Finding a good web host is like finding a good place to live in. Web hosts are similar to various sorts of apartments available to you and features of the web hosts resemble the amenities provided by the building management. Not all web hosts are same and so, you should ensure that you won’t get …

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Aug 24

Bitcoin VPS – The Best Option for Total Confidentiality and Anonymity

The term Bitcoin Hosting was not known to many until cryptocurrencies got viral over the internet. By now, bitcoin has become the most successful cryptocurrency within just a couple of years with its value increasing from a few dollars to a thousand dollars for every single unit. Because of its unstable value at the initial …

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Aug 23

Dedicated vs Shared Game Server Hosting – A Practical Comparison

So what is the difference between a Dedicated and a Shared game server? Price is not the only difference, but do you really need a dedicated server? After a closer investigation I realize that sometimes a shared server will do the job with great results.

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Aug 06

What is VPS Hosting?

If you want to learn more about VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, you’ve come to the right place. Since shared and VPS hosting are two very different environments, when it comes to webhosting, it’s necessary to look into a different set of factors when picking the right VPS plan.

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