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Jul 31

SuiteCRM – A Way to Run Your Business More Smoothly and Efficiently

As a business owner, you always need to build good relationships with your customers. Now you can do this with CRM service, i.e. Customer Relationship Management. In particular, SuiteCRM Hosting is supposed to be the best. What is it? Let’s see.

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Jul 30

WP Engine Coupon – The Most Efficient Hosting At A Reduced Price

WP Engine is a popular choice for WordPress hosting for small businesses and there are reasons for that. You can get numerous shared web hosts as such for as low as $10 a month and can get WordPress installed on your own within minutes. However, WP Engines has something to offer which shared hosts don’t …

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Jun 24

The Advantages of VPS Hosting

If you’re interested in choosing the right web hosting account type to host your website online, a Virtual Private Server might be just the solution you are looking for. By mimicking a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment, a Virtual Private Server, abbreviated VPS, technically presents both dedicated and shared hosting. These three hosting …

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Jun 22

4 Great Tips for Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most crucial parts of the domain purchasing process. Your website will represent your business and so, its name should be chosen carefully. eWallHost is offering .com unlimited registrations for only $2.99. The offer is available only till 30th June; so, hurry and grab the offer with the …

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Jun 13

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

In simple words, cloud computing can be defined as internet-based computing. While earlier, we had to run programs or applications from software downloaded on a server or a physical computer, cloud computing enables us to access those programs and applications through the internet. You are unknowingly using cloud computing when you update your Facebook status, …

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May 12

Choosing a Web Host – Tips and Tricks

How can you decide whether web host is good? What kind of hosting service you should look for? If you’re looking for a quick answer, you won’t get it here. But, if you would like to get some good guidelines to help you choose web hosting service for your website, I’m ready and willing to …

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May 03

Choose a Perfect Small Business Web Host and Become Tension-free

The most basic thing a website needs is a good web host. A good web hosting service can become the very foundation of your website as well as your business. Any problem in the hosting service can damage everything you have created through your hard work. For a small business web hosting becomes even more …

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Apr 25

Types of Dedicated Servers – Which One Should You Buy?

If you are planning to buy your dedicated servers, you might have heard about managed and unmanaged servers and you would have got a question in your mind, what the difference between the two is. Experts at are of opinion that although you can afford one of the powerful unmanaged servers, if you don’t …

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Mar 07

Great Tips for Choosing the Most Appropriate VPS Hosting

VPS hosting can be simply defined as a server within a larger server. Every website is hosted on one virtual private server (VPS) with more powerful hardware. In VPS, a machine is separated into many virtual parts and server software is set on each of them individually because of which each unit can function independently. …

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Feb 29

How do Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting Differ from Each Other?

There are different types of hosting present on the market, and one can be confused: how to choose the most optimal one? How can I decide between shared hosting, VPS and a Dedicated server? This article will help to clear up the differences of hosting planes, which will give you the understanding of what hosting …

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