May 29

The Biggest Mistakes About Employee Training

employee trainingYou are thinking about the implementation of employee training in your company? You are considering different possibilities and options, wondering whether it will be effective or not? Stop thinking about it. Do it. And do it right now. There is nothing more important than a good employee. They are, as some like to say, the real bloodstream of every company. This is something you should keep in your mind the next time you plan your company’s budget.

Although this step is very important, it can ruin all your efforts if it is done in a wrong way. There are certain employee training rules that every owner or manager has to follow in order to make better results.

Employee training and implementation

One of the biggest mistakes about this strategy happens when “experts” from Human Resource sector start with implementation of the training courses without any previous testing. This is definitely the wrong approach and results can be devastating. This is a matter of logic and common sense. Every situation and every company require different tools and methods, which is a reason why abstract and general solutions often are not very helpful. Every single worker in the company is unique. Every team in the company is unique too.

Here is the rule number one: employee training should be implemented only after it is tested in the small groups and only after all methods have been customized to the specific condition by the professionals at In that way, HR experts will have detailed feedback about the results and they will be capable to continue with the strategy on a large scale.

The rule number two: never use miracle solutions and never follow general patterns. This is also a matter of common sense. This strategy should be designed according to the specificities of your business and goals you have established. An educational process in a company in the beauty care business has to be different from courses in the online marketing industry. In addition, you should combine different approaches and find out which one would be the best. For example, you can combine traditional classroom based course with online approach. Never rely only on one solution.

One thing you should know about employee training. It gives the best results if workers are introduced with its purposes and if they know what is expected of them. If they think it is just another obligation, they will not react well and final results could be really problematic. On the other hand, they will do their best if they know that these trainings are for their own good and for the good of the entire company.