Apr 28

3 Main Problems in Online Marketing and Their Solutions

Social Media Seo MarketingIf you are new to online marketing and wondering what it is, just consider that it’s any tactic that promotes your company on the internet. It may be search engine optimisation or SEO, social media marketing or SMM, search engine marketing or SEM and even the old favourite EDM (electronic direct mail) marketing.

Many people mistake online marketing with digital marketing. Actually digital marketing makes use of digital channels whether online or not, such as TV, mobile phones, outdoor digital billboards etc.

But when it comes to online marketing, it’s pretty straightforward. Any marketing thing you do online is online marketing, isn’t it? However, to get success in online marketing may not be that straightforward. Here are a few challenges you can face and solutions suggested by SEO expert professionals.

Problem 1: If you try to target all the people online, your marketing efforts will be drastically diluted and weakened.

Solution: Understand the demographic that will be appealed by your product or service and target only that demographic. Luckily, online marketing is so progressed that you can have so many tools to direct your marketing efforts to the correct audience. For example, Facebook marketing allows you to select gender, age, geographic locations and also users’ interests to whom you want to promote your product.

Problem 2: There is already a lot of content on the internet. You may face a fierce competition while trying to introduce your content online.

Solution: While introducing your content, be smart. After finding your target demographic, you can narrow your focus further to heighten your success rate. For example, when running a Google AdWords campaign, you can target people looking for ‘gardening tools’ and wait for them to visit your site and find something they want.

Or you can still be smarter and use your keywords to target people looking for ‘electric lawn mower in Denver’. By targeting longer and more specific keywords, your ad cannot attract many eyes but the views’ quality will be far higher, i.e. you have higher chances to convert people to customers since they have filtered themselves out for you. They know what they want and you have it. Your ultimate aim is to increase sales, right?

Problem 3: Online marketing platforms have their own tools and methods which are time-consuming to learn.

Solution: Take the time to learn how to run campaigns on each platform you wish to target. And if you cannot do that, hire an SEO expert who will do that for you. The latter option is more recommendable because online marketing contains a lot of intricacies. However, you have to do some basic research so that you can make sure you have hired the right people.

With this basic knowledge, now you can proceed towards your online marketing venture and be successful in it too. All the best!