Dec 23

4 Reasons to Use Instagram for Business

instagramWhy people nowadays, especially “millennials”, love Instagram so much? One of the most obvious reasons is that they don’t want text, but visuals. A nice picture illustrating the philosophy of your brand means more to them than an old-school ad. But, why is it important to get Instagram followers? Instagram sends a visual message and you should find the best way to use this social media networking website to promote your business.

Enhanced Online Traffic – Instagram is among the strongest and most popular social media sites you could use to enhance web trafficking of your own website. Having real and active Instagram followers and likes increases the chances of getting even more organic followers and higher number of people visiting your website and/or buying your products online.

Beating the Competitors – Instagram followers and likes can make a difference if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. This is why most businesses turn to buying followers to improve their brand image. Nevertheless, it’s always better to attract real people to follow you, even though it requires more time and careful planning.

More than Trendy – Some people (and businesses likewise) think that Instagram is just some trendy platform that will become less popular very soon. Although there are many new platforms that fall into this category, Instagram is not among them. With more than 80% top brands in the world using Instagram and more than 500 million active users, this platform is a force you should reckon with. It’s not only for teenagers, but a seriously huge social media site.

Visual Marketing – Visual content is still the most important tactic companies use to optimize their social media content. For this reason, Instagram becomes a means to create original, engaging, high quality content. You can produce photos and videos, put them on Instagram and embed them into your blog or website. Also, your followers are able to share¬†them on other social media websites and, again, that increases your brand’s visibility.