Mar 06

5 Great Tips for Choosing a Perfect E-learning Voice Over

e-learning voice overIf an e-learning course consists of only texts, pictures and videos, it may help the students. But if it integrates a voice, it becomes much more engaging. Among different voices, if you choose just the appropriate voice, your e-learning course becomes super captivating. Here are some tips to choose your e learning voice over.

1. Consider the Location of the Session

Before choosing your voice over, you will have to consider first the location of the recording. This is because it is better to choose from among the regional talents if it would be held in a local studio and a national talent if you are going to use a voice over with a home session setup. A studio having an audio engineer has the recording expertise necessary to give higher quality results.

2. Demos should be High Quality

If the narrators will be professional, there demos will be of high quality showing their styles and range. While listening, imagine that the person is reading what you have written and then select the most appropriate ones to check them in more detail.

3. The Voice should Fit the Audience

The voice you will choose should be suitable to your audience. Here choosing between a male or a female voice may also be important sometimes, though not always. See if you need to put in a regional accent. Think also about the type of voice will bring your audience closer. If your audience is a classy type, it will be engaged with a deep, solemn voice, while children will become enthusiastic with a bright, bubbling voice.

4. Choosing a Voice According to the Subject

Voices can be categorized as per the subject too. For example, while teaching some subjects, if you expect your audience to pay all their attention, the voice should be solemn, while some other subjects are taught better with a playful voice. Check if the narrator’s voice suits your subject. Some narrators are versatile and can produce a variety of voices.

5. Fine Qualities of a Voice

Note the fine qualities in the narrator’s voice. Ensure that the tone and pitch are easy on the ear. Notice if the voice has something special and unique that makes it stand out from others. Also check the rhythm of the voice, clarity in pronunciation and diction. Most importantly, check if the voice has the ability to convey your message effectively.

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