Jun 14

An Interesting Comparison between Print Vs Digital Designs

printed stickersPrint and web designs are like two sides of the same coin. They have a lot in common, but they also have some interesting differences. Experts at PrintPrint.co.uk, a leading company offering various services of printing in Leicester, share with us some amusing facts about the differences between these two fields.

Viewing the Designs

The most prominent difference between print and web designs is the way people view the two types of designs. Having something physical in your hand to look at, a business card, a pamphlet, a brochure or a sticker is quite different than viewing a design on a computer screen. Some crossover does exist, like digital magazines and newspapers which are created in exactly the same way as their printed versions; but usually the physical and digital designs show a clear dividing line between the two. How and where the designs will be viewed have much to do with the designer’s decisions.

Engagement Level

How users experience the design is closely related to the nature of the design, whether it’s physical or digital. Both have one thing in common – they should impress the viewer. The print design adds a tangible experience to this visual element that may include shape, texture or printing effects such as embossing, letterpress or screen printing. On the other hand, the experience of web design creates the potential of audio/video elements being included as well as other interactive elements.

For example, consider books. Many people love to hold a book in their hands, which make them feel many senses like texture, crunch and the smell of the pages too. These qualities cannot be produced in the digital form. However, digital printing has its own benefits; e.g. a digital book may have animations or links to other resources. So, both the forms have their own appeal and value.

Static Vs Flexible

A printed design cannot be changed once it is printed while digital design can be changed as many times as you want.

Areas where Only Prints Work

There are still lots of areas where only printed matter works and thankfully, not everything has changed to digital. For example, when you go to visit an unknown person in her/his office how will you send in your introduction in the digital form rather than a business card? How will you advertise your business on highways and shops in digital form? How will you distribute stickers and pamphlets in digital form? All these and many more areas require physical printed material and digital designs are of no use there, because people want something before them in the physical form.

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