Nov 01

Common Mistakes Digital Marketing Agencies Make

digital-marketing-agencyYou feel you’ve done the presentation perfectly and you’ve answered all the questions thoughtfully. Yet, somehow, you aren’t getting the desired contract. Where did you go wrong? Of course, only your prospective clients know why they didn’t hire you, but is there a way to find out what your mistakes are? We’ve asked experts from successful Citirex digital marketing agency to help us find reasons why digital marketing agencies don’t get hired. Here are two most common mistakes marketing companies make!

You’re not knowledgeable in their industry. If a business is seeking agency representation, your experience is the key; they simply don’t want to teach you all the basics. On the other hand, an agency that already has a good idea about the industry and understands their audience, the pain points and demographics, will be more successful at getting them to respond. So, if your team is not experienced in your prospective client’s vertical, make sure you prepare yourself for the meeting, by reading industry reports, relevant case studies etc. In any case, this will show you’re willing to learn and walk an extra mile to make your clients satisfied.

You’re not able to provide everything they need. If your digital marketing agency specializes in graphic design, but your client is looking for a copywriter (whom you don’t have), they will go to a company that can provide all the services they need. This is especially true for smaller business; they are probably one-stop shoppers and they want to get everything done in one agency. Bigger companies, on the other hand, can tolerate hiring more than one digital marketing agency to meet their needs. How to overcome this? You could either hire someone new or look for an access to freelances who’ll be able to complete your client’s tasks if and when needed.

Bonus tip we’ve got from Citirex experts: Keep in mind that it takes time for the company to decide on which agency they will work with. Make sure your team is available to answer any questions that prospective clients may have during this process. If you’re not accessible enough, someone else will get the contract.