Mar 04

Content Marketing More Important Than Ever in 2017

Content MarketingWith every passing year, content marketing becomes more and more important to businesses in nearly every sector. Why? Because the digital world is expanding at breakneck speed. Some traditional forms of marketing are still relevant in 2017, but companies not involved in the digital arena are not keeping up. You could say that content marketing is more important than ever in 2017.

Anthony Carter, founder and managing director of Edinburgh-based Connotations, counts blog posts and informational pieces such as white papers and press releases among the most important types of content his firm supplies. His company’s blog writing service for example covers a wide variety of industries ranging from trucking to health and beauty products.

Carter says that when he started in the content creation business some eight years ago, digital marketing was more about choosing the right keywords and phrases then pairing them with dynamic titles. Content marketing is so much more in this day and age. Website owners today have to be concerned with the quality and relevance of their content as well. That need entails a different way of producing content.

Content Marketing Does Work

It’s important to note that content marketing does work when it’s done properly. The statistics say as much. For example, Digital Marketing Magazine’s Anjana Varsani cites statistics that show the most successful content marketers see nearly eight times more traffic on websites they publish on.

It’s not just website visitors that are demanding content, either. Varsani says that roughly 94% of business executives consider personalised content delivery critical to their success. They see it as a means of promoting brand awareness and generating brand loyalty.

Branding is a funny thing for any business. If a company starts with a quality product or service backed by excellent customer care, establishing a brand visually and through personalised content is that much easier. When all three are put together in the right mix, they create loyal customers who see their favourite brands as superior to the competition at every turn.

How does content marketing help? By combining relevant information and customer engagement that reinforces positive feelings about the brand. The better the content, the more solid those positive feelings are reinforced.

Advertising Is Losing Its Appeal

Another interesting statistic cited by Varsani suggests that nearly 310 million Internet users now use ad blockers in their web browsers. This is no accident. Website visitors have reached the point where they believe they are being overwhelmed by all sorts of pop-up ads, videos, and even sidebar ads. They’re also smart enough to know that loading ads slow down a web page. They are fighting back with ad blockers.

This means advertising is losing its appeal as a marketing tool. Content marketing can fill the empty space left by abandoned ad campaigns. With the blog writing service or website copywriting from a content creator like Connotations, visitors can be engaged with timely and relevant content rather than staring at ads.

Content marketing is as important in 2017 as it has ever been, maybe even more so. To run a business and not take advantage of the opportunities online marketing offers is to throw away one of the best marketing resources we have ever seen. And according to Carter, that’s no way to compete in the digital world.

Whether your company engages with video content, social media, informational articles or even a blog writing service is less important than the fact that your company is doing something. Content marketing should be at the forefront of every company’s marketing efforts in 2017 – even yours.