May 27

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new penguin updateGoogle has released its new Penguin update, fourth till date, to fight spam. Under the hood Penguin 4 contains the Penguin 2.0 technology which Google claims to be a newer generation of technology having a better ability to stop spam. Webmasters and SEOs should expect prominent changes in the search results as a consequence of the new Penguin update. This is going to affect all, no matter whether it is a London SEO company or a Shanghai webmaster. After all, Google works all over the world!

Google’s web spam team’s head, Matt Cutts, announced this new update Penguin 2.0 in This Week in Google (Episode 199). He has also given the reference of his last video wherein he talked about the next generation of Penguin update and told that it is being rolled out in next few hours. Matt has specifically told that there will be a noticeable impact on 2.3% of English queries.

More details were later posted by Cutts on his blog. There he explains that the release is now completed, including that for non-English languages. He also told that ‘Penguin’s scope differs by language, e.g. languages having more webspam will have more impact.’

Last Updates of Penguin

Penguin 1 – 24th April, 2012 (impact on 3.1% searches)
Penguin 2 – 26th May, 2012 (impact on less than 0.1% searches)
Penguin 3 – 5th October, 2012 (impact on about 0.3 searches)
Penguin 4 – 22nd May, 2013 (impact on 2.3% searches)

The 2nd and 3rd updates were just data refreshes of the basic algorithm with some minor changes. The fourth launch, however, has major changes, so huge that Google has named it internally as Penguin 2.0.

Concern for Webmasters

Matt has told in his video that this new update is a major one which goes deeper than even the original Penguin update and so, will impact increased number of webmasters and SEOs.

Is it a Concern for Website Owners?

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