Nov 04

Most Brands in China are Going Digital – Join the Trend

china-brand-digitalChina has been a swiftly growing consumer market and it doesn’t come as a surprise to realize that an increasing number of companies from around the globe are looking for a way to market, brand and communicate with Chinese consumers. Since most brands in China are going digital these days, if you’re marketing to China, it is highly recommended to know this market, become aware of popular trends and join those that will benefit you.

Digital marketing in China is shifting, changing and incredibly dynamic; obviously, it resembles digital marketing trends in western markets. So, what do we know about Chinese consumers, when it comes to their digital behavior? WeChat, Qzone and QQ are the most popular social media networks in China; their popularity as mobile chat applications has been growing among users. Besides instant messaging, people in China use mobile devices to check the weather, use mobile payment services and m-commerce and to book their travels. Among the mobile phone users, approximately 35% use their mobile phones to purchase products and/or monthly services; the peak season is before/during the Double 11 Festival. So, in general, we’re talking about the younger population.

Content is important when it comes to digital marketing, because similar to the western consumers, people in China are rather selective and impatient; if they don’t like something, they won’t waste their time on it. Efficient content will surely attract customers/clients and they are commonly willing to try something new. But, there’s a catch; they are also not known as loyal clients/customers; if they happen to stumble upon some better product or service, they will choose it and ditch the one they were using before. However, optimizing content with a lot of storytelling, interactive experience and explainer videos will very likely make consumers in China give a brand a try. Chinese people are by all means digital people and they love interacting with technology; use it to increase brand awareness. When it comes to digital strategies of Chinese brands, due to the booming of digital era and smartphone users, videos are becoming a significant and effective way to deliver a message, target and engage consumers and to make them purchase the product.

Since there are so many marketing campaigns in China these days, it’s crucial to focus on potential clients; you need to understand their sensibility and desires and answer their needs. Here, the campaign must be as creative as possible; not only should a company send their clients/customers the key messages, but they should also engage them with individual participation. Turning consumers into brand representatives and designers is a wise and effective way not only to sell more but also to show that the company really cares about their clients’ opinion. For this kind of a digital marketing approach, social media networking is the perfect choice. It’s the easiest and the most effective way to engage, entertain and attract potential clients.

Chinese brands (such as Nakesi Design) are going digital to expand their market and to find potential clients across their country’s borders, too. Western companies should use this method for attracting Chinese consumers to buy their products, too. To join this trend, it’s of highest importance to know the needs and the mindset of the target audience and to use this knowledge as a basis of a digital marketing campaign. It’s good to build a Chinese website and, without any doubt, optimize it for mobile use. Finally, without being present on Chinese social networking sites, no digital marketing strategy would be complete.