Oct 17

New Excellent Features on Instagram that will Help Your Business Grow

1000 likes on InstagramWith more than 400 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking media. While this photo sharing platform has a lot of potential, businesses are not often seen to exploit it as a marketing tool. Posting a picture is not a challenge, but it’s in trying to get 1000 likes for Instagram and driving traffic back to your website. However with the most recent tools featured by Instagram, you can make a solid online corporate presence through it.

Business Profile Feature

Gone are the days when you could hardly distinguish your Instagram business page from the ones dedicated to a holiday destination or other such topics; now with Instagram’s new Business Profile feature, you can give directions to users about your business using just one tap. What’s more, you can even make a call to action with alternatives like email, text message or phone call.

Your posts will look same as that of other accounts, but the major difference would in the profile page of the account itself. Particularly when users are given directions and many channels for contact with only one tap, it fills in the gap between the interest created on Istagram and converting it into action.

Insight Feature

Along the lines of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram too will now provide analytical data for tracking how your content is doing. You can now see impressions and reach data together with demographics (such as age and location) for your every post.

However, you won’t get this data on Instagram itself, but you will have to have a Facebook business page linked to your Instagram account. You can analyze the demographics of user and behavioral data and can create Instagram content designed for users that are most likely to be interested in it.

Promote Feature

The features of Business Profile and Insight are free to users, but if you have a generous promotion budget, you can make use of the Promote feature to improve your top-performing posts with paid advertisements. You can also get suggestions from Instagram regarding which posts you should promote and can also use the data collected using the Insights feature to select top-performing posts depending upon your target audience.

You can even get customization of targeting alternatives, with which you can control how much or how little to promote the content. The content thus promoted will also have a call-to-action embedded within it, in the form of an appeal to make a phone call or directing visitors to your website, for example.

So, with these new features, you can make an excellent use of Instagram for your business promotion. So, you have now a new powerful tool to help your business grow.

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