Jun 15

Online Reputation Management – DIY Tips

google third pageGood reputation is important, especially in business. How to make sure that your potential clients and customers find the online content you would like them to find? Big companies hire online reputation management companies to do this important job. What about smaller businesses? Is there something you can do by yourself? There is one “geek” joke and it goes something like this: Q: Where to hide dead body? A: On the third page of Google search results. In other words, if you have some negative information on your business, you should hide them. Here are some easy online reputation management tips you might find helpful. However, for the best result, as always, it’s better to hire professionals.

  • Do a Google (or other browser) search for the name of your company and do the same thing in Google images. If you set up a Google alert on the name of your company, it will keep  track of any new content. 
  • Buy a domain name. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, pick one and create a content that will live on your website: fill in “about” section, include several photographs and you can even post some interesting articles related to your business with some commentary of your own.
  • You can put all the content in one place on WordPress, About.me, Tumblr etc. Apply the name of the domain to these websites. It’s more than convenient because these websites offer you lovely designed templates, so your site can look as it was professionally designed even if you didn’t hire a web designer.
  • Join social networking websites – and fill out your profiles fully: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Pinterest and Google+ are major networking places. Yes, filling out the profile takes some time, but do it, it’s worth it. Update your profiles at least on monthly basis. The more active you are, sooner the negative content about you would be buried on the third page of Google search results.