Oct 31

Reasons to Have Animated Explainer Video on Your Website

animated-explainer-videosIf you want your website to be nicely ranked by Google and other search engines, you need to attract visitors to your site and, in addition, you need to inspire them to stay there. Time online visitors stay on websites is very important in Google’s algorithm for rankings, therefore online videos have seen explosive growth in recent years. Due to their effectiveness and affordability, explainer videos have become incredibly popular marketing tools. They can increase your conversion rates, boost your sales and clarify and many other impressive things for your business. We’ve asked experts from animated explainer video company to tell us more on benefits of animated explainer videos for business growth.

Your website will rise to a professional level. Nowadays, everyone can make a nice looking website simply by choosing a template. However, if you add an animated explainer video, you’ll add the touch of professionalism to your company’s website. It sends the message that the company is hard working and reliable and that you’ve invested time and money in creating your product, too.

Your company or product will stand out. Nothing is truly original these days, isn’t it? Therefore, no matter what you’re selling or offering to your clients, you’re surely not the one. Use animated explainer videos to set your company apart from other competing businesses. A catchy, innovative video that highlights your unique angle on the product or service, will make potential clients and customers remember you instead of your competitors.

It increases conversion rate. If the web traffic for your business is good, yet you’re not satisfied with the number of sales, an animated explainer video could boost it. Explain potential clients why they should pick your service or product over your competitors, show them where and what to click, and what they payment options are by adding an inspiring animated video to your website.

Also, you can use a video as a standalone tool on your social media sites, as a link in web publications, email signature etc. It’s easy to re-purpose a nicely made animated explainer video anywhere you can.