Apr 06

Reputation Management – You Can’t Afford to Neglect it!

reputation managementWhile considering about the online presence of a business, a lot of time and efforts are devoted to factors like SEO, social media, online marketing and so on. But one more factor is equally important which is not considered frequently – it is reputation management. Reputation can have a major impact on your business, even more than the reviews in Google and Yelp. While reviewing various digital marketing companies for the online promotion of your business, you should check which of the companies offer efficient reputation management service.

Issues with customers are part and parcel of business. The most recommended thing to do in that case is to resolve such issues before the customer declares how s/he was duped by your business, onto public forums and other platforms. One genuinely bad review about your business can spread like wildfire and your reputation can be at stake. If you are alert and plan to deal with reputation issues, the bad impact of such sparse complaints can be much reduced.

You can’t Afford to Neglect Reputation Management

Several small businesses neglect (or they don’t know) reputation management and that can lead to complete disaster for their business. You have just a little more than a website and in that case, your situation becomes critical when someone posts something against you on social media and those posts could rank within the searches for your business name. If you have an established local business, people often search for it by its name. In that case, having some bad items ranking in those search results can badly impact your reputation.

Reputation management has been a budding segment of internet marketing since long. If a business neglects reputation management and doesn’t invest in its repair proactively, they have to suffer a significant cost in the long run in terms of lost revenues and repair of abrupt damage.

For businesses which depend largely on the personalities of their founders, the names of those founders become an individual component of reputation that needs proactive management. There are many executives who choose to have a low profile and so, avoid all kinds of social media for the sake of privacy. In such a condition, the company can become a sitting duck the moment someone plans to take it down a notch, because there is no asset built around its executives’ names.

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