Feb 19

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends In 2017 that You Should Know

digital marketing trends in 2017Trends keep coming and going in digital marketing world. This is the reason why business owners feel like being in unchartered waters when it’s about navigating the requirements of strategy and budget for the coming year. Today there are more choices in media than ever before and businesses are left fighting for less attention to countless platforms. Here are some digital marketing movements you should be attentive to in 2017.

1. Advertorials (Native Ads)

This genius combination of an ad and an editorial is sponsored content featured on a website that appears and feels like a piece of editorial. Native ads suit the style of the site on which they are shown, but often include a call-to-action in the content that directs you to the website of the sponsor. Such stealthy ads are typically seen on publishing websites, and are available in several different forms.

2. Trustworthy Testimonials

Testimonials are an old concept, but in 2017 business owners should think apart from the traditional testimonials. It’s no more sufficient to collect reviews from local directories. Now they can be coded so as to be recognized by search engines as such, making them precious parts than ever of website content. The more number of reviews your website has, the more prominent will be your place in search engine results. Testimonials should be scattered throughout your site and should be on its various pages. It’s also advantageous to include various kinds of demographics and various types of buyers to exhibit a range of products or services.

3. Mobile Stronghold

Today 50% of searches are done on mobile devices. Therefore, including a mobile strategy in your plan for digital marketing is essential. For many website owners mobile traffic is exceeding desktop traffic. And this trend is expected to continue. If you are not sure about if your site is mobile compliant or not, visit the site from your mobile device and note how it looks. Its overall look should change. For instance, the key for call-to-action may be bigger and formatting of content may be more simplistic. In short, mobile friendliness is essential to give a seamless experience to a huge chunk of consumers; so, devote time to create a responsive design instead of a separate mobile site.

4. Importance of Video

Another trend which is not likely to retard soon is videos. They have become important tools in digital marketing armory. YouTube has the second place in the most used search engines after Google and provides huge opportunities to grab the attention of the viewer. Digital video can be produced in a range of other formats too, like 360-degree videos, webinars and videos made for Instagram. In addition, live streaming is gaining increasing importance; so, sharpening your video making skill is essential. The latest launch of Facebook Live has secured the position of this medium even more within the marketing mix of any company.

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