Sep 26

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Interactive Video Marketing Campaign

interactive video marketingWhat else can be more effective for your marketing campaign than a video? Every coming day is bringing new technological advances and video making is no exception. Take for example the new trend of interactive video! This is even more effective than the standard videos we have seen and used so far. If you are planning to choose this way of marketing, here are some tips.

1. Costs

Though costs should be considered in the last, in case of video-making, it is an essential thing to consider in the beginning because making a high quality video requires a sizable amount. Very often, companies arrange secret meetings about budget. This often results into the supplier leaving the meeting and putting forth a proposal with not adequate information about how to make a high quality video on budget. Instead, if you become transparent on this issue right from the first discussion, your supplier will usually maximize the budget to the best of his ability and create the superior video within the costs you can afford.

2. System Requirements

Your organization may think only about the coolest interactive video running on the web; however, they may hardly think on how it demands performance of your servers and their compatibility with commercial browsers. If your company doesn’t have the capacity and speed to host a high quality engaging video, day-dreaming about such a video is useless. You won’t like to irritate your audience with technical hitches. So, if your organization’s software equipment is not up-to-date, you will have to do something about updating it before proceeding with interactive video marketing.

3. Involve Your IT Team

You will have to involve your IT team in the project well in advance. You should make them know where the content will live after completion. Will the video need to be hosted externally or incorporated in internal platforms? All these steps need time; but if you present it suddenly in a meeting without any prior intimation, you can’t expect it to be live and visible the same afternoon. Therefore, you should do this much ahead of time.

4. Understand Your Viewers

Importantly you should know who would be your viewers. You will have to know them and research the demographics carefully. Ensure that your strategy will appeal particularly to the viewers there. You will get answers to many of your questions through this research. The research should derive a conclusion about what approach should you have in your video, like comical, analytical etc.


5. Understand Your Product

A high quality interactive video will help you only if your communication is clear. Your viewers may be impressed with high production values and interactive elements, but you may fail to engage them. Therefore you should understand your product first for which you will have to work with your sales team and decide how to position your product. Quickly getting to the point and providing a clear story will help you in engaging your viewers. Lastly you will need a call to action, encouraging viewers to return to your content.

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