Aug 27

Top 5 Tips to Create a Powerful Online Marketing Video

online marketing videoOnce again in the marketing industry, importance of online videos is increasing and more and more marketing professionals, content creators and journalists are turning towards these effective marketing tools. Actually, online videos had never been underestimated; just, other trends boomed up and faded away, whereas online videos maintained their place. Abdo Senni, an online marketer, shares here five tips on making effective online videos for your business and marketing campaign.

1. What does Your Audience Want?

Don’t just make videos for the sake of making. Think well about what your audience wants and what you want them to do. Your videos should be clearly understood by your audience. Good communication is the first prerequisite of marketing and it should reflect in your video. Think what you want – do you want people to click your ads? Or you want to increase brand awareness? Once your goal is clear about your audience, start creating the video.

2. Hire Professionals as Far as Possible

If you try to cut costs by hiring amateurs, you will have to spend more later on. So, better hire professional video-making crew right at the start. It costs money, but eventually will save your money too (and time as well) by doing the job perfectly and leaving no chance for revisions.

3. Production Value Matters

Why do leading online marketers like Abdo Senni create new videos for each of their marketing campaign when there are already countless videos available online? The reason is it’s the production value that matters. Each presentation should be treated like a music album with great lighting, attractive graphics, a variety of camera angles, audio mixing and more. So, the lesson you should learn is that you should invest in production quality and not skimping even if you don’t get a professional.

4. Find a Great Location

Great ideas and great professionals may be managed, but have you found a location? Your good idea should be developed around a destination in mind. To make your video successful, your targeted audience should watch it in the first place. This means it should have its right place where your audience will prefer seeing it. If you loved a video you watched last time, think why you loved it; one of the scoring points must be the setting in which it was shot.

5. Tell a Story

Whether it’s a movie or a marketing video, the importance of a good story cannot be underestimated. If you shoot any random pictures and put them together, your audience is sure to leave your video soon. So, create a good story and tell it creatively. Create concerned characters, highlight their problems and come up with a strong conclusion in the end.

Focusing on these five basic tasks is going to make you successful in your marketing campaign with a powerful marketing video.