Sep 19

WriteHero – The Perfect Writing Service You Were Long Waiting For

writeheroDo you find it challenging to get a good writer for your website’s niche? It’s indeed very difficult; especially if yours is a rare niche or your website needs very specialized content. This is because most freelance writers or writing services are not specialized in a particular topic. If you need to involve a lot of technical knowledge and its explanation, you want a writer who knows ins and outs of your niche and finding such a writer is really difficult. Good news is that there is a service named WriteHero which provides you writer in your niche, whatever it is!

One of the outstanding features of WriteHero is that they find you a writer in your niche; so, the writer has knowledge about your niche and s/he can write according to your needs.

Another exclusive feature of WriteHero is that they customize your writer’s persona! Do you want the tone of the article as if written by middle aged man speaking in slang-style and keeps buying pet products or like an African female in her 30s who travels around the world with her husband and children? Whatever is your need, WriteHero will customize your writer’s personality accordingly! Obviously, your readers can get more engaged with the articles as they look like written by real people.

Next unique feature of WriteHero is that they provide you a preview of the work and do changes as per your needs. Still, if you aren’t satisfied, they redo the entire project or even assign a new writer if you want – at no extra cost. You can get your content revised for anything including grammar, tone, quality, writing style, relevance, sentence structure and more.

Perhaps their most unique feature (that no one else in the industry has IMHO) is that they try to understand your objectives and goals by researching about your company.

Similarly they also provide support and feedback for improving lead conversions of your projects that you order with them. This is really incredible as they provide extra help in the sales and marketing of your business!

More Features

  • WriteHero has still more features:
  • A huge database of writers specialized in various topics and niches
  • Skills of writers to find extra information on the topic
  • Dedicated project manager for you irrespective of how small your project is, to ensure timely completion
  • Three levels of QA stages
  • 100% guarantee of revisions with no questions asked

I am sure you are feeling relieved upon learning about WriteHero and will soon love to try the awesome service. Congratulations on getting just the perfect writing service you were long waiting for!