May 11

Tips on Explaining SEO to Clients

seo to clientsIf you’re into SEO or you’ve just began with offering your services, you might be confused when talking to clients who simply don’t know a thing about SEO. Well, you are the one to convince them it’s good for their business to hire you, right? But, how can you do that? What and how to tell your (potential) clients about SEO? I’ve spoken to Singapore SEO specialist and he gave me several useful ideas! Continue reading

May 06

How can You Increase Traffic to Your Website with SEO?

how seo brings trafficSEO or search engine optimization has gained a huge priority among marketers over the last some years. The reasons are obvious – higher search engine positions lead to more traffic, more leads, and higher conversions and sales. But it’s interesting to see how it works and how adding keywords to different elements of your site increases your chances of ranking high in search engines.

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May 03

5 Useful Tips for Protecting Yourself from Malware Attacks

Singapore ransomware solutionsWhether you are a software consultant or a regular person operating the internet just for shopping and watching films, you are always vulnerable to ransomware attacks. You may wonder why anyone would like to hack your computer; however, you can’t say someone may be interested in stealing your private information for any purpose and so, you should take due care. Here are some tips.

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Apr 30

Fantastic Tool to Browse Data on Android from Mac

mount android on Mac with SyncMateSince there is no native choice available for mounting Android devices on Mac to browse Android content in Finder, you will have to find a third-party app to accomplish this task. Consider SyncMate!

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Apr 30

Syncing Calendar Events between Mac and Android Made Super Easy

calendar sync with SyncMateAlthough an Apple computer and an Android phone or tablet don’t make a perfect match, you can sync your events quite easily between the two! How? It’s with the outstanding abilities of SyncMate! And can you believe that it’s free? So, you can be organized and can never miss an event with the help of SyncMate which will help you sync all calendar events, big as well as small, between your Mac and Android devices.

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Apr 24

Answers to 6 Doubts in Your Mind about Buying Instagram Likes

why buy Instagram likesWe all know that Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing platform. Everyone wishes that s/he should have a great number of Instagram followers. Especially business owners essentially need an increasing number of Instagram followers so as to get a great boost to their sales. When you have a great number of likes on Instagram, it means more likes, more leads and more sales.

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Apr 21

4 Fantastic Tips for Social Media and Digital Marketing

social media and digital marketingDo you think that you have the best tips and tools for your social media marketing? If you think so, you may be right or wrong. Read the following tips from industry pros to know where you stand.

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Apr 19

Create and Share Torrents with Folx Torrent Program for Mac

BitTorrentFolx Torrent Program for Mac – How to Create and Share Torrents

Torrent File Creation on Mac

If you use the Internet on a daily basis, you are more than familiar with the term torrent, as you run into options “download via torrent” for sure. You will find an explanation of what torrent exactly is, what app is the best for opening torrent content, and for all Mac owners – how to upload a torrent file from Mac.

What is Torrent

Here’s the answer to your question: torrent file is a file extension for BitTorrent file format. A greatly used protocol is BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer protocol to send bigger files via the Internet without using only one server in the center. It’s most famous and special characteristic is that you download pieces of file from other users who already downloaded that same torrent file, you don’t simply try to download it from one person who shared it at the beginning, that’s why it’s faster and much more functional.

How does it all work?

While a typical download from a web server takes action, your computer will connect to the server and get the connection from it. Just like every other computer which will download that same file.

When it comes to peer-to-peer protocol, the situation somewhat differs.  Centralized server is replaced with a BitTorrent “swarm”, i.e. the download and upload data group which exchanges data amongst themselves without anyone being in the center.

When the download begins, the client shall start downloading small pieces of the file. When that certain client downloads a piece of the file, he or she can start sending (seeding) that data to others who are trying to download the file. This mechanism allows everyone to both download and upload, which is why torrents are so popular.


Torrent tracker

A torrent tracker is a certain type of server which helps the communication amongst peers and tracking the seeds and peers who are currently a part of a swarm. This tracker maintains data regarding statistics facilitates the routing of the data from peers and downloads which are starting.

BitTorrent client

This is an app which supports operation and execution of BitTorrent protocol on a computer where it’s installed on. The aforementioned tracker instructs what to do and how to connect, while the client gets the job of getting the files to your hard drive. This is why you should find a torrent program for your Mac which is safe and trustworthy.

Folx torrent client

Folx is a gregarious Mac app that supplies its users with an easy download and upload in a few simple steps. You can prioritize downloads, adjust the download and upload speed with ease, and you can even use tags for downloads for quick search, regardless of the fact when did you download the file. You can create and upload torrent file from Mac with Folx in just a few seconds!

How To Create Your Own Torrent File on Mac

Everything depends on the quality of your torrent program for Mac. If it’s a good one, you will do this in a jiff!

One of the best, if not the best solutions is Folx. Two things are combined in this app – a regular download manager and a torrent client. You can create and upload torrent files from Mac and share them with many other peer-to-peer connection users on the Internet.

Creating a torrent file with Folx

If you already found a torrent tracker where you intend to share your content, the following is what you need to do. You don’t need to wonder anymore how to create torrent file on Mac, it’s fairly easy:

1. Open the app. Select File → Create torrent file in the main menu.

Create torrent file
2. When the dialog window opens, go and configure these:
Select Source: select the files or folders on your machine to be uploaded.

Trackers, Web seeds:

★A tracker, as we mentioned it beforehand, is a unique type of server which helps peers communicate. When you do open a torrent file via your torrent app, your computer can request the list of peers open for connection and ready to seed torrent content.
★ Web seeding permits clients to download pieces of files from an HTTP source (an Internet server) additionally to the swarm. When it happens that no peers are available to download from, the download can still proceed from the original HTTP source.
If you’re in any case using any public trackers or web seeds, you can simply add them with the + button.
File name: set the name for your future torrent file.
Save to: choose where should your new torrent file be located. If you leave it at Automatic, the file will be located at ~/Downloads/Torrent Files.
Piece size:
★The right size of pieces is a matter of balance. If the pieces are too big that they can slow the seeding down, and at the same time when the pieces are too small that can waste peers’ bandwidth on the overhead data. Average recommended number of pieces per torrent is 1000-1500, which counts to around 32 KB piece size in case of small torrents, and around 1-2 MB piece size for large torrents (2GB or bigger).
★If you’re not sure which piece size you are supposed to set, you can leave Auto option on.
Start seeding: when you enable this option, seeding will begin the moment your newly created torrent is uploaded (more so for public trackers). If the torrent should be re-downloaded for seeding, which is usually the case with trackers which use cookies or passwords, disable this option.
Start seeding
Private: when active, this option disables DHT (Distributed Hash Table) and PEX (Peer Exchange), leaving no other peer sources but the tracker itself. In this case if the tracker is offline, you will not be able to get the torrent data.
Description: provide details about your torrent. If a tracker has comments section in it, your description will surely be in there.
3. Click OK to complete the torrent creation.
4. The My uploads tag will be assigned to torrent files you just created, and besides you can always locate them via Spotlight.
5. Now open your desired torrent tracker and upload your newly formed .torrent file.
6. According to trackers rules you can now start seeding.
7. Make sure to seed long enough so that other peers get their copies and share them to the swarm. The more seeders your torrent has, the faster the download speed. When you feel that enough users got their copies, you can disconnect.

Apr 19

Top 6 Questions that will Start Your Competitor Analysis

HeatSyncProviding what customers want is the main goal of marketing. However, this alone is not sufficient to ensure success; the real challenge is to be able to meet customers’ requirements better than competitors. Following are some questions seeking answers to which will start your competitor analysis.

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Apr 17

Top 4 Tips to Choose a Web Designer to Create an Efficient Business Website

finding a good web designerDue to the technical advances today, tools for website building claim to be so easy that even if you are non-technical you can do it. However, most people, especially if they are solopreneurs, need some design help if they want their site to stand out among the crowd. The question here is to find a good web designer and here are some suggestions.

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