Sep 22

Adnimation – Tremendous Monetization of Your Website

adnimationAre you satisfied with the revenue your websites’ content is earning? Or do you think that it can still do better? In both the cases, there should be some way that will increase your revenue. And I know that even if you are satisfied with the current earnings, you won’t say ‘no’ to an added income, right? So, here’s a solution – it’s Adnimation!

What is Adnimation?

If you want to know it as a definition, Adnimation is a fully professional ad management service. You may ask what it is. It means that they make some changes in the advertisement structure around the content of your website in such a way that it starts earning much more than before within a short time. They take your advertising revenue to maximum level. This applies to all types of media like videos, texts, mobile, apps, display and more.

How does Adnimation Work?

You may wonder how this is possible. But if you understand the way Adnimation work, you will start believing it. Adnimation has their own in-house Monetization Managers as well as proprietary algorithms and knowledge with which they can take you to optimal revenues from your present page views.

They customize everything for the content of your site for which they keenly study your history of earnings, data and demographics of readers.

Normally it is quite difficult for content publishers to access the right sources to get better rates for the ads. But with the help of Adnimation it’s possible because they have established relationships and partnerships with the market leaders. For example, Adnimation are partners of Google for offering AdX, the premium ad exchange of Google, to their publishers.

With Adnimation, you also can work with multiple networks which normally you wouldn’t have got because they will supplement you with ads that pay higher and also additional networks.

They optimize all your ad networks working well for you and increase your earning multiple times, thus bringing in monetization of your website like never before.

They make use of Header Bidding with which only the highest bidder wins at all platforms.

Once they start working with you, they appoint a dedicated personal manager who is solely aimed at increasing your revenue and who looks after all your ad management, keeps an eye on results and always stays in touch with you.

In short, once you hand over the job to Adnimation, you don’t have to worry about anything; they will work for you and you will go on getting increased revenue. This saves your lot of time which you can devote to publishing useful content. You get all their new ad networks and technologies for your benefit. They also offer you complete DFP management. Those who appointed Adnimation are today earning 30% to 50% more revenue per pageview than they got before. And some publishers have even achieved 500% to 1000% increase in revenue!

The best part is that, they work on revenue share basis; so, this is totally result-based! They don’t charge upfront fees or setup fees.

If you want increased revenues, get in touch with them asap and see the tremendous monetization of your site!