Aug 21

Affordable and Professional Recording Studio

mic recordingI, recently, had to record some vocals for a small indie game that a couple of friends and I were designing in our spare time. We have to fund everything on our own and fit the process in and around our full time jobs so the progress has been quite slow and we don’t have access to a lot of the high tech equipment that we would like.

With this in mind I set out to find a recording studio in London that was affordable, yet was professional and would give us a high quality product at the end. My friend had heard about Fluke Productions and, as they came highly recommended, we did a bit more research. Compared to other recording studios in London they were really reasonably charged and also offered a voiceover service which was perfect for us. We did not need a lot of vocal work, and we were voicing the characters ourselves, so we booked 8 hours with a plan to record both our vocals and the small amount of gaming soundtrack that we wanted to accompany our game.

We were lucky in the sense that we knew someone who had experience with recording and composing a game soundtrack so we had something to run with when we got to the studio. Another reason why we went with Fluke Productions is the wide range of experience of their in-house producer, Luke Henderson, who has working on game soundtracks in the past. Luke was very helpful and all of his advice was valid and helped us to work towards our goal, and produce a decent 5 minute soundtrack that we plan to use during level transitions and title sequences.

Surprisingly, the majority of our time was spent on the voice over work which took up more time then we had anticipated. There was not a single minute of our 8 hours that was wasted, helped mainly by Lee who worked hard to make sure we stayed focused and would produce audio that we could be proud of.

We had heard of horror stories of London recording studios and, I’m pleased to say, we do not have such tales from our time at Fluke Productions. Everyone at the studios was really helpful and friendly and did their best to put us at ease in order to produce the best result! If we ever need to record more audio in the future we will definitely go back to Luke at Fluke!