Feb 21

Chamboost – Instagram Influencer Marketing that Makes a Difference to Your Sales

chamboostDo you feel that whatever efforts you are making for marketing your products are not giving you the results you wanted? Have you tried influencer marketing? Or have you heard of Chamboost? If you haven’t yet, you have missed a major chunk of efforts from which you could have tremendously benefited. Here is the information you should know.

What is Influencer Marketing and What is Chamboost?

In influencer marketing, influencers are paid to reach out to a larger audience delivering your brand’s message to them. This type of marketing includes social media marketing as well as content marketing. In most influencer marketing campaigns, influencers are expected to spread the word about the brand through their personal social media channels. For the content marketing part of influencer marketing, either you create the content or influencers create it.

Chamboost is a platform to get connected to influencers and get a help for leveraging influencer marketing. At present, Chamboost is available for Instagram, so you can get benefit of Instagram Influencer Marketing.

So, how to use Chamboost? It contains 5 easy steps.

  1. Start a Campaign: Sign up for a Chamboost account and start an influencer marketing campaign that should align with your goals.
  2. Choose Creators: Your campaign will be seen by creators and they will send you proposals. You should create the best one among them depending on what they have to offer. Even you can send proposals to creators that you find the most suitable for your project.
  3. Work with Creators: The creators then will start creating content for your project. Once they do that, they will send it to you for your approval before publishing it on their social media accounts.
  4. Content Published: Once you approve content, it will be published on the date(s) you have previously decided.
  5. See Results: Upon publishing the content, it is expected to bring you more visitors, conversions, sales and installations of mobile app for your brand.

The most prominent feature of Chamboost is it’s totally free for brands and creators! There is not any signup cost.

Why was Chamboost Created?

Influencer marketing has turned into one of the strongest types of marketing in this digital age. Sadly not many brands have the required influence in the market. While in the past, they would have to rely upon traditional types of marketing for creating brand awareness, Chamboost is aimed at providing them an alternative solution. Rather than spending their whole budget on an ad campaign and keep waiting for the results, businesses can instead get connected to creators who already have influence in the world of social media on Chamboost and get help from them to reach out to a larger audience quickly.

So, if you are tired of spending money on various marketing campaigns without getting any results, try Chamboost and you will be surprised to see the difference.