Feb 26

Chameleon Street Chat

chameleon street chatAugmented reality (AR) is an indirect or direct live view of real-world, physical environment with elements which are augmented by sensory inputs like GPS data, graphics or video generated by computer. Basically, augmented reality enhances your perception of reality and, believe it or not, it’s applied everywhere. One way to feel and taste this technology is Chameleon Street Chat. If you haven’t already tried it, keep on reading to find out more about it!

So, what’s so special about Chameleon Street Chat? When using this technology, you’re able to pick one of more than 200 million locations on the map, you can put your own face on the chat and then you will be ready to chat with real people (who are also using their real faces) in a real place. Chameleon street chat works as an app, but there is also a mobile web version of this augmented reality technology.

By picking the locations on the map, you can meet various (new) people, but you can also look for certain person. This technology is also providing the credit system to users which depends on the likes on the photo (its rating) and the popularity of the profile. Locations are provided by the Google street view, so anything you can find there, you can use as your chatting location. In addition, users are able to change the background color and other features, as well as to publish video and graphic data.

Chameleon Street Chat is a perfect solution for social butterflies who love to spend time chatting to their friends live or online. This virtual reality app represents the latest advancement in technology, at least when it comes to the communication. Chameleon Street Chat is fun, entertaining and it lets you travel wherever you want with people you want without even leaving your home.