Apr 28

DealAds WordPress Widget to Maximize Your Affiliate Revenue

DealAds demoAre you an Amazon affiliate and in search of ways to increase your revenue? Here’s the good news for you! Now you can increase your revenue with a fantastic Affiliate Widget for WordPress named DealAds. DealAds helps you to advertise only Top Deals and boost your conversions. DealAds works for Amazon’s marketplaces in countries like the US, the UK, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. DealAds is available in both, Free and Premium versions.

DealAds helps you to pay your hosting bills and other expenses. As you save the cost, you can pass on the benefits to your visitors by providing them more value by advertising the Top Deals of Amazon. This is why, most AdBlockers don’t block your affiliate links. Therefore, as compared to other standard regular advertising networks, DealAds presents you and your visitors a greater win-win situation.

If you are using affiliate links to earn a secondary income or to cover your expenses, with DealAds you can automate the process. DealAds serves as a WordPress Widget and its free version has two unobtrusive designs, viz. blank and boxed. It rotates up to 18 products and displays 3 of them at a time. There will be an automatic updating of the product database, every 30 minutes.

Features of DealAds

DealAds has many attractive features like:

Multiple Designs: The Free version of DealAds has two designs viz. blank and boxed, whereas the Premium version has multiple designs so that you can customize your site.

Increased Number of Rotations: The premium version also allows you to rotate more products. This is particularly useful for larger sites to maximize revenue.

Ability to Advertise Many Products: The Free version of DealAds allows you to advertise up to 3 products, whereas with the Premium version, you can advertise up to 10 products.

AdBlocker Retreat: In case of the Premium version of DealAds, AdBlocker retreats so that you can combine DealAds with any advertising network.

Superior Integration: With the Free version, you can integrate the Top Deals of Amazon as a WordPress Widget, whereas with the Premium version, you can integrate the rotating deals at any location you want.

Shortcodes: The Premium version supports WordPress Shortcodes so as to offer you the full power of customization. This allows you to include your affiliate deals even in the content of your site.

Manual Addition and Personalization: You can add your favorite products manually to the rotation and make the process more personalized.

The Premium Version of DealAds is in the pipeline and will soon arrive. However, you can sign up now with your email id so that you will be notified and get a discount.

So, you have now increased chances of earning more on Amazon products. Make the most of this opportunity and increase your income.