May 22

How can Facebook Live be Best Used for Marketing?

Facebook Live IntroducedFacebook has introduced a new feature named Facebook Live and it’s going to be super hit! Through this feature, you can watch streaming of videos going on any place you want to see. I am sure it has roused tremendous interest in you; but hold on! If you immediately open your Facebook page to see the miracle, it’s not guaranteed that you will see it, because the new feature has not yet been made available everywhere. Visit Facebook Live Secrets to know more.

The Live Video button is located on the left-hand bar along with Games, On This Day, Photos etc. Upon clicking it, you will get an interactive world map opened before you, containing blue dots, of which small ones mark locations where people are streaming live videos and the bigger ones show the most popular feeds. And if you hover over these dots, you can also get a preview of the videos. You can even click and enlarge the screen to find the person who is streaming.

Facebook Live offers this capability to you too. You can tap the stream icon and start airing live video from your phone. You also get the option of writing a description. Any other users that follow you can “tune in” to the transmission. To complete the video, you can tap “finish” and it will be permanently available on your timeline.

Facebook Live was being tested for some months from now. But it brought an enormous boost in the latest F8 developer conference of the company where CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that users can stream from any device and even drones.

Live streaming has been tried before by apps like Periscope and Meerkat. But the global reach of Facebook will take the technology to the biggest of audience so far.

Can Facebook Live be Used for Marketing?

Yes! Actually it can be a very effective tool for business and marketing. You can live stream an important company announcement, a conference, a product promo, etc. And you can also use it to live stream interviews or a strategy session.

Regardless of what view you have for the new feature, it definitely has some best practices that you should remember.

  • Get More Number of Followers: Your followers will be notified when you will live broadcast. So, try to increase your number of followers. You can do that by offering a quality live stream that your viewers can enjoy.
  • Convey Your Followers about Your Planning of Broadcast: If you broadcast without people knowing about it, there’s no fun in it. So, announce that you are planning for a stream so your users will be prepared for it.
  • Double Check the Connection: When you are ready for live streaming, double check the connection speed and dependability. Make use of Wi-Fi if possible. It will be the last thing you may want that your streaming is cut off just in the middle of an important event.
  • Create a Good Description: This will help people know about what you are going to live stream and they can determine to tune in accordingly. So, be sure that this description is accurate and so engaging that your visitors will be encouraged to participate.
  • Connect with Your Users: Appreciate your users by connecting to them. This will also attract new users. Request for feedback and respond to their queries.

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