Jun 11

Starting a New Fundraising Project? You can Get an Exciting Response!

support for kickstarterAre you planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for your product or service? Well, thousands of aspiring business owners turn to the online fundraising portal everyday to raise the necessary capital for their new ventures. However, raising funds for businesses is not as easy as you may think with just setting up a page and collecting money. It’s a quite shaky situation if you don’t have the right exposure. So, how to get the right exposure? Don’t worry! Here’s the good news; you can get such an exposure with London + Castle!

According to Kickstarter statistics, 56,000 projects hit their goal of fundraising, but 73,000 others didn’t raise anything! It’s not the case that the owners of these failed projects didn’t try hard; they tried to fuel their projects through ad campaigns on social media and other supportive sites and through PR agencies.

The founder-owner of London + Castle, Henry Cotgrove, too was to get trapped in the same situation should he not have done it in a different way (with a lot of hard work though). Henry too had launched a Kickstarter project for his innovative pet product and was waiting for traffic to his page and funds. After waiting for long, he started collecting email addresses and sent out numerous emails and it worked! Just the next day his project became a hit on a radio show, two local newspapers and a national newspaper – The Daily Mail, too! Traffic to his Kickstarter page shot up and supporters flooded in.

From his experience, Henry came to know that it’s not an expensive PR agency that was needed for his project but “contacts”!

So, Henry decided to help many others like him who were, are and will be waiting for an exposure to their campaign pages, but may ultimately be disappointed by not getting anything. He started www.londonandcastle.com through which he offers lists of important journalists from national and international newspapers, top twenty Pinterest users, and influential bloggers and website owners where you can submit or convey your new products and they all can give the much desired propulsion to your projects. And this can happen not only at your local level but from all over the world! Henry does this at a fraction of the price charged by PR agencies.

So, if you desperately want a help for your new venture, try London + Castle and you may get a response that will excite you!