Sep 02

Who Can Benefit from Using VPN?

vpn benefitsOnce I’ve heard about VPN (Virtual Private Network), I’ve thought it’s awesome, but I thought my internet connection is secure enough and, therefore, I don’t need more privacy. Soon afterwards, I’ve realized many people are using VPN and even more have considered shopping around for it. Buy vpn or, for example in Persian, خرید فیلتر شکن, is a very popular keyword people are searching for on internet. So, who can benefit from using VPN?

Some people have responsibilities to attend to and they use Virtual Private Network provided by their company or school to access resources on the network when they are traveling or at home. Basically, these users have been provided a free VPN service and they don’t really buy it themselves. Most of them use this service for their private internet browsing, especially when using public Wi-Fi to be sure no one will snoop on their connection.

But, perhaps the first people coming to your mind when thinking about VPN are the downloaders, no matter if they are doing it legally or illegally. If you use something like BitTorrent, the only way to stay safe is by switching to VPN. Otherwise, you might be forced to defend yourself in court only for having some torrenting app installed on your computer, whether you’ve used it or not.

One friend of mine is very privacy minded and, in his opinion, unsecured connection means somebody’s reading every word he says online. Although I believe he’s a little bit paranoid, deep down I know that his opinion has a point. The only thing I don’t think is that someone would be interested enough in reading my communication with my mother. But, sometimes I feel like it would be best to keep my communications encrypted and secure.

Some apps or web services are limited to a specific region or country so, if you’re traveling abroad you won’t be able to use them. Even if you’re a globetrotter, you sometimes feel like watching your favorite TV show once it’s aired; without VPN is usually impossible.

Even if you’re not one of these people I’ve mentioned above, you are some combination of them depending on what you’re doing at the moment. VPS has advantages whether you’re protecting yourself, handling sensitive business data or simply downloading something illegally.