Aug 05

4 Great Tips for SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographersPhotographers are bound to be creative and so, SEO is something more of “technical stuff” for them. However, the fog is clearing off over last few years. Google’s algorithms are getting increasingly understandable and SEO industry is heading fast towards maturity. While many aspects of SEO do need some technical knowledge, most part of it has become simpler. In that case, if you ignore these changes in the online market and believe that only your excelling photography skills will take you to the top, you may be seriously mistaken. Maybe your mediocre competitor learns everything in SEO for photographers, get her/his site properly optimized and take away a major share of business from you. So, you have to learn SEO. Here are some tips.

1. Pay Keen Attention to Image Keywords

When it comes to the description of your image files, it should be as detailed as it can be to rank for the long-tail keywords. Ranking very high right away for competitive keywords is not possible, so you can’t expect that. When you use long-tail keywords, you capture many more in the process. You should use those keywords for the alt texts for the images and also in the title tags.

2. Optimize Images

Besides using keywords for filenames of your photos, in their alt and title tags, they can be used in captions too. The same logic can be applied for your photos’ filenames through descriptive keywords by making use of long descriptions for those images. This is taken into account by search engines and relevance scores of your photos is increased because of longer image descriptions.

3. Join Your Website and Blog Together

Only because your website is photography-related, it doesn’t have to be only for posting pictures. You can have a blog where you can use supplementary keywords which you can rank in addition to the regular content you publish.

If you already have a blog, join it to the same domain as that of your photo website and get benefited by the traffic and links that you have built up on your blog. In case of not having a blog, you should start one ASAP. Using it alongside the photos is also a great idea to bind both elements together for higher quality content.

4. Image Bookmarking Sites

These sites are of a lot of help to get your photos viewed all through the web. There are so many options available. Some options are Flickr, Fotki, Deviantart, pichaus, and more. These sites help you to get your photos linked to and shared across social media platforms and overall on the internet.

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