Mar 07

5 Definite SEO Tips that can Never Go Wrong

seo tipsHi friends, here we are again with some of the latest SEO tips. As SEO is dynamic and with something new every day, every website owner should keep in touch with the latest developments in this field. While your SEO consultant is working on SEO of your site, you too should know about various search engine optimisation things. So, here are the tips.

1. Consider Keyword Frequency Rather than Keyword Density

It’s highly impossible that keyword density is used by Google as a ranking factor. However, it’s also highly possible that they observe the number of times a keyword is appearing on your page (known as keyword frequency).

Use your target keyword at least some times inside the article.

2. Have Pages of Terms and Privacy Policy

As such, these may or may not be a direct factor for Google’s ranking.

However, these easy-to-find pages distinguish your site from the shady affiliate sites which don’t generally have these pages. Moreover, users are habituated to see these pages on genuine sites. So, if you don’t have them, maybe people won’t consider your website legit.

3. Add Synonyms of Keywords in H1 and H2 Tags

You may have consciously added your targeted keywords exactly in your H1 and H2 tags. However, if you feel that a page of your site is over-optimised, you can replace them with their synonyms.

For example, your keyword is “low-fat food”, you should use synonyms like “fatless dishes” in the H1 and H2 tags.

4. Let Social Media Sharing Buttons be Easy-to-find

Several times it happens that your visitors give up on sharing your content just because they had problem in finding the share buttons.

Therefore, you should use social sharing buttons following you down the page. Thus your content is always ready to be shared whenever readers’ mood strikes with it.

Optimise Product Pages like Blogposts
Consider your product pages as blogposts and optimise them. For example, include your targeted keyword in it a few times. Make use of LSI keywords. And when it looks good, post 1000+ word description of produces.

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