Jun 22

6 Excellent Guest Posting Tips

guest posting tipsGuest posting is a wonderful tool for SEO and boosting traffic that is used for promotion by blog owners and website owners for increasing the visibility of their websites online. If you are a blogger and want to post your blog on a particular website, here are a few useful tips for you to get started.

1. Make a List of Sites where You can Guest Post


Create a new spreadsheet and make a list in it of the top sites in your niche where you can guest post. Choose the sites based on their Alexa rank and contact the owners of the sites first which have better ranking.


2. Familiarize Yourself with Your Target Sites


Take time to become familiarized with the sites on which you want to guest post. Go through its pages and take its feel before asking for permission to write a guest post.


3. Create a Rapport with the Blog Owner


Comments are the best way to reach out and impress the person you are intending to guest post for. Reaching out to blog owners through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is another excellent way to make blog owners aware of you.

Remember always to deliver high quality write ups so that the blog owners will want you to guest post on their site again and again.


4. Contact through Contact Form


Most sites will have a contact page and all blogs allow to comment on posts. Leave thoughtful and helpful comments on your target blog with which you can gain favor from the site owner. This can be an awesome reference point for writing an email about asking if you can publish a guest post on their site.


5. Do a Lot of Research about the Topic of Your Guest Post


Guest blogs always want well-written and informative articles. Therefore it is imperative to make thorough research on the subject you are going to guest post. For example, if you will be writing a parenting guest post, you should research about parenting, its various aspects, difficulties, challenges, tips, helpful products and services etc and create a post which is helpful for the readers.


6. Maintain High Quality Standards


Just because you are going to post your article on someone else’s site, you need not leave your regular high quality standards. Do everything you do to create a high quality post like various thoughtful ideas, best words and sentences, best formatting and so on.

If you do guest posting properly using the above tips, you can become highly successful and can soon achieve your goals.