Feb 23

8 More SEO Tips to Optimise Your Site Even More

seo tipsSo far, we have shared a number of SEO tips with you. You might have even memorized most of them by now. However, SEO is a thing of continuous learning and every time you find something new when you read about it. Therefore, here we have brought some more SEO tips that would add to your knowledge and be useful to you to optimise your site even more.

1. Keep Studying Social Media Sites

Social media sites play an important role in SEO. The more you know about them, the better will be your ability to compete in search. Therefore keep studying sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc.

2. Be Careful about Text around Images

Your images too can help you rank up in searches. And they rank depending upon text around them on the page. Therefore be careful about headings, keyword text etc.

3. Get Blogs by CEO or Owner

If you can, try to make the owner or CEO of the company write blogs. CEO impact on a site is tremendous because it’s the voice of the company. When the owner responds to readers’ comments, it takes your credibility to a new level.

4. Make Your Call to Action Powerful

With a weak call to action, SEO becomes useless. Therefore, remember to make your call to action powerful.

5. Don’t Get Bored of Working Daily

You should be prepared to work daily on your optimisation, because search landscapes change on a daily basis. You should not get bored or frustrated of working continuously.

6. Have Unique and Quality Content

Search engines like content that is unique as well as quality. Remember that unique content can differ from quality content. So, ensure that your content is both – unique and quality.

7. Inspect Your Server Headers

For this you can get a free online tool which you can find with a search term ‘check server header’. You should make sure that your URLs show a “200 OK” status or “301 Moved Permanently” for redirects. If you see anything other than this, check to ensure that your URLs are properly set and consistently used all through your site.

8. Include Your Preferred URL in Your Sitemap

You may have some pages on your site that may resemble a lot to each other. In that case, you want to ensure that the correct one gets place in the search engines. Therefore include the URL of your preferred page in your sitemaps.