Mar 15

Backlink Building For 2020: Guest Posting

building SEO backlinks to your websiteBacklinks are made when an external site links to your own website. This is the reason why some people call them external backlinks or inbound links. If your backlinks are effective, you won’t need so many in achieving what you want. Fundamentally, this will save you time & money. In this post, we are going to discuss one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Guest Posting For Backlink Building

As links stay one of the major factors to rank in Google, a great digital marketing strategy should include some method of link building. One of which is guest posting. This is actually one of the best ways of getting pertinent, high-quality backlinks to your website. However, it might be intimidating when you are first starting out.

Before you even start writing guest posts & building SEO backlinks to your website, you should find online publications where you can write. However, how do you find websites, which allow guest posting? How can you tell which ones are of high quality and may be reputable to your website’s ranking in Search Engine Results Pages?

Keep reading on to learn more.

Guest Post Prospecting Tools

When you prospect for guest posting websites, there are some outreach tools, which are beneficial. These include:

Google – This is one of the best ways to find websites for guest post backlink building. You only need to have the right knowledge and approach, in order to search for websites.
Ahrefs – This is the Link Intersect Tool that is essentially beneficial if you want to see what websites are linking to your competitors. What you need to do is add the website URL of your competitor in the ‘Show me who is linking to these domains or URLs’ boxes and place your website URL on the ‘But doesn’t link to’ box, and then click ‘Show link opportunities’
Similar Sites – When you found a site/s that is essential for guest posting, go to the Similar Site and paste that URL. This will find other websites, which are similar to the ones you pasted.

Many of these tools are free of charge or have their own free version. The main difference is the website layout and structure. Aside from the aforementioned tools, you can also use Similar Web plugin, MozBar, and NoFollow Chrome plugin.

Bear in mind that you do not need to have the greatest & latest tools and software, in order to be successful with guest post backlink building. At a basic level, using Google search queries may already go a long way.