May 11

Tips on Explaining SEO to Clients

seo to clientsIf you’re into SEO or you’ve just began with offering your services, you might be confused when talking to clients who simply don’t know a thing about SEO. Well, you are the one to convince them it’s good for their business to hire you, right? But, how can you do that? What and how to tell your (potential) clients about SEO? I’ve spoken to Singapore SEO specialist and he gave me several useful ideas!

First of all, you should talk to your client to understand how much they actually know about the internet in general. If your clients are very familiar with the internet, social media networking and online marketing, tell them a simple definition and you they’ll understand the significance and power of SEO. For clients who use the internet on a daily basis, use terms such as “links”, “search engine” and “search result” to explain the essence of a SEO campaign. If, however, you have clients who are unfamiliar with the internet, try to avoid “internet terms” and stick to comparisons and analogies when explaining the effect of SEO. Once again, to know what to begin with, you need to know your client.

No matter who much you like SEO, keep in mind that most clients don’t really want to know about your own job. Your struggles, successes and SEO news are something they don’t care about. What they do care about is whether they should give you their money for your service. That’s why you should focus on explaining them the importance of SEO. For example, tell them that SEO can help their website appear on the first page of the search results or that it makes it easier for their own clients to find their website/business online.

Finally, don’t overdo it. When trying to convince your clients to use your service, don’t make them expect a miracle. SEO is, as you surely know, an art and it can do a lot, but you cannot promise it will increase their sales in no time. Tell them they will be more visible and easier to approach, but the quality of their service and/or product is crucial for increasing sales, while SEO will only accelerate this process.