Jan 10

Top 5 Latest SEO Tips

new SEO tipsTill date, I have shared a lot of SEO tips with you. You may say what new I am going to tell you. But believe me, the field of SEO is ever changing and dynamic; so, you need not be surprised when I come with something new. Even today I have brought these new SEO tips which you must go through. All of them are actionable and so, you can adopt whichever you find suitable and help get higher rankings.

1. Don’t Forget Adding LSI Keywords

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are just a fashionable way of naming closely-related terms and synonyms! Instead of inserting your targeted keywords again and again in your content and making it keyword-saturated, if you put in LSI keywords, Google better understands what your site or page is all about. You easily find LSI keywords just at the bottom of the search results.

2. Add Text to Infographic-based Posts

An infographic is an excellent way to give rise to backlinks and social shares. However, it has a big drawback – being an image, Google can NOT ‘READ’ it!

Therefore, you should always add a lot of text underneath and around your infographics. Thus, Google can understand what it is all about.

3. Let Each Page Have Unique Titles

If your site has a lot of pages and you are being lazy in changing their titles, you are making a big mistake. Even Google has instructed to avoid duplicate and boilerplate titles. Obviously writing unique titles for each and every page is a real pain; however, you will get superb results of it.

4. Let Title Tags Have Long Tail Keywords

Take an example of a keyword “bridal dresses”. You can just optimize your title tag around this keyword. However, it’s smarter to insert a long tail keyword in the title tag, like “cheap bridal dresses” or “best bridal dresses” etc. This is the way of ranking quickly for the long tail keyword “best bridal dresses” or “cheap bridal dresses”. Automatically, you also rank for you main keyword “bridal dresses”.

5. Try Inserting Only Your Keyword in Your URL

Why not use your keyword in your URL? For example, my-keyword.com! Clearly if you stuff keyword, such URLs can result into over-optimization. However, upon combining with moderate on-page SEO, you will find that such keyword-only URLs work very well.

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